How Well Does Killzone Shadow Fall Hold Up in 2021?

Xfire writes: "Some games transcend time and can be played years after they first launched, still holding up relatively well.

Many classic JRPG games, for example, have aged rather well. But if that's the case, then the opposite is true too. Some games are good when they first launch. Yet, at the same time, they can feel and look much older than they should, even if you're only replaying them just a couple of years later.

Guerilla Games' Killzone: Shadow Fall is a good example of such a game."

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Magog93d ago

Looks impressive still when played on PS5 at 60fps.

93d ago

Great looking game, but the single player doesn’t come close to the masterpiece that was Killzone 2. Hard to believe that the same devs that worked on KZ2 and Horizon also worked on Shadowfall.

Profchaos93d ago

It's a cult classic but I still think shadowfall is a amazing story the franchise couldn't stay successful retreading the same ground

Babadook793d ago

I really liked a few parts in the game where the difficulty was challenging. If the whole game had that balanced difficulty it would approach Killzone 2 imo.

generic-user-name93d ago

They wasted a great opportunity to tell an interesting story (ie ISA aren't really good guys exactly). But some of the setup was just stupid, mainly splitting vekta in 2 and giving the Helghast total rule over one half of it and allowed them an army. Insane.

Rude-ro93d ago

I agree...
But I also have a special place for playing killzone 3 in 3D. It was a wow moment in gaming.
Not saying it was as good etc...
Just a league above visually with such amazing depth of field. Was very immersive.


KZ3 worked very well with Move controls. That’s some of the most fun I’ve ever had with an FPS campaign.

vTuro2493d ago (Edited 93d ago )

Yeah I managed to enjoy Shadowfall for what it is (actually hated it the first time, then came back after a long break) but it just can't compare to KZ2. That game was just perfect imo. KZ3 was ok. Also probably an unpopular opinion but I really enjoyed the first KZ as well. It's probably my second favorite in fact.

Parasyte92d ago

I would say that KZ3 single player was better that Shadowfall


Game was great. kinda lack luster. graphics, grenade explosions were fantastic. But i think the Sound and especially the music track in the later levels were amazing. doesnt get apprecieated as much as id like to see when discusding shadowfall.

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BattleCat93d ago

Killzone 2 remaster in 4k and 60fps would be a blast. Shadow fall was just a graphic showcase

Babadook793d ago

Graphics showcase - with a good story.

Binarycode92d ago

Remake with a totally new engine update for PS5.

EmperorDalek93d ago

It didn't even hold up when it released.

badz14993d ago

that's just straight up trolling

Binarycode92d ago

Your thinking of Halo.

Easy to get the two confused.

PhantomTommy92d ago

Thought it was an absolutely dreadful game. Played it at launch and it bored me to tears. Killzone 2 still holds up today and Killzone Mercenary is seriously underrated.

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