Nixxes Software Helped Development On Killzone: Shadow Fall

Nixxes and PlayStation have a history with Killzone: Shadow Fall, of all games.

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waverider635d ago

Nice, They could do the remake of killzone and next Killzone. The got the experience.

falconP635d ago

Apparently they are hiring for their own game.

darthv72635d ago

They could also be working on porting KZ:SF to PC.

JEECE635d ago

Lol I think it's a little too late for that. Though admittedly I'd love to see how good it could look with some modern touch-ups on high end hardware. It still looks excellent, particularly considering it was a PS4 launch game.

ocelot07635d ago

@JEECE why not lol? Port it to PC and charge like $30 for it. Also I would welcome a PS5 update.

waverider635d ago

you never give up. Always trying the same stuff.

JackBNimble635d ago

Imagine that...
Sony buys up a company with a history of porting games to PC, I wonder why they would do that ?

Extermin8or3_635d ago

@jack nimble they have a history of porting games period. Sometimes to pc, sometimes from October PlayStation etc. They handled the ps4 port of rise of the tomb raider (2nd in reboot seried)

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Livingthedream635d ago

Remake killzone 2 shit was great

generic-user-name635d ago

This must have been Herman Hulst's doing. He also has a very close relationship with Kojima (Kojima has Herman's face on his mousepad), I wonder will Sony ever acquire KojiPro.

JackBNimble634d ago

Because kp is in cahoots with MS

generic-user-name634d ago

I'll be very surprised if Kojima turns his back on Hulst with an Xbox exclusive.

JackBNimble633d ago

Well I guess you heard it from me first, Kojima and MS are in the midst of working out details of an agreement.
Both parties have already signed a letter of intent, obviously things could still go south but lawyers on both sides are working out the finer details.

I promise you I'm not trolling you lol