Capcom Confirms Resident Evil Village Will Be Heavily Censored In Japan

Resident Evil Village will feature no decapitations, less blood, and fewer controversial scenes in Japan to comply with CERO standards.

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ScootaKuH42d ago

Poor Japan. Their games are going to be butchered. No pun intended.

I guess if they want to see the games as per the original vision they'll have to import

dead_pixels42d ago

Seems it. Even though I realize this is hardly the first RE game to get a similar treatment in Japan, it’s always disheartening whenever companies make these announcements. These regulations are so senseless.

VenomUK42d ago

I didn't know that Japan censors horror.

Double_O_Revan42d ago

I find it very strange too, considering the game is, you know, Made in Japan. I get that they make the game for a worldwide audience. It's just hard to wrap my head around. They make a game, but can't really play 'that' game. They're stuck with a watered down version.

NecrumOddBoy42d ago


Odd... since Japan is a huge contributor to popular horror genres since Juon and Ringu.

anubusgold42d ago

Japans government does this crap while their politicians have ties to the Yakuza just like the Japanese banks.

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roadkillers42d ago

You know, a lot of the time I would say whatever. There's a bunch of games that go over the top for no reason. After speedrunning RE7 for the fourth time, I really appreciate some of the deaths.

There is one, if you try to grab the key and unlock the crawl space while Jack is chasing you. He will throw you down, cut off you foot with a shovel, and crouch in the corner watching you crawl around. You can pickup your own foot, but I believe you bleed out or he ends you.

Super hyped for 8!

Silly gameAr42d ago

Damn, I didn't see that death. I might have to give RE7 another run through before 8.

NecrumOddBoy42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

If you try to get under the latch before he breaks through the walk, he catches you and cuts off your leg which you can pick up. Then he gives you a health bottle and taunts you as you put it back on and heal it. From there the chase continues as normal. It's sort of a small bonus scene and it can happen again in the second Jack boss fight. If you take too long with your leg off, you'll die I think. RE7 was such an incredible game; even despite the last two chapters.

I also saw on YouTube, one of the bigger molded can slice your leg off. It's basically the same animations and dialog. Maybe, the game gives you a couple of changes to trigger that event. Could be 100% missable. Would of been a fun trophy.

roadkillers42d ago


Wow, didn't see that part. He taunts you with a health bottle? That's some next level cruelty! Ethan got beat up so bad in this game... Screw driver through the hand, chainsaw cutoff his hand, leg can be cutoff and re-attached, and so many others. I hope this one is as creative and the characters are as memorable

annoyedgamer42d ago

Ours are butchered too. Imagine if all our games were imported from Tokyo. About half if not more would get banned for social impropriety

ShadowWolf71242d ago

Nah, they usually drop an "Adults Only" version that can be bought there, which is just the version we get over here. Just not in... "normal" venues.

badz14941d ago

Here before somebody turns this into Sony's fault

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RPGer42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

Japanese gamers are far friendier than the westerners with such changes and such rules. Even in anime they don't mind cuts and less gore, which westerners fans always whine about.

Edit: typo

gleepot42d ago

thats the stupidest reasoning people always spout out

SenorFartCushion42d ago

This is what the entire games industry will be doing soon. Blockbuster movie-type stuff.

Snookies1242d ago (Edited 42d ago )

@gleepot - Nothing stupid about it. It's stupid to say otherwise.

How about we censor Mortal Kombat with no blood or gore. Sound fun? What about God of War toned down, to just be a fun journey with your son without any killing, and not too much action as that might be construed as 'too violent' and need to be cut as well. Let's have Grand Theft Auto where you can only use your own car, and you can't run red lights or harm anyone in any way.

Like ManMarmalade said. Art shouldn't be censored. Don't care if it's a book, a movie, a show, a game or even a picture.

ScootaKuH42d ago

Yup. I don't agree with censorship. If you don't like it, don't watch/play/listen to it. Censorship is essentially making people's choices for them

Aussiesummer42d ago

So art depicting say paedophilia and rape, should that be censored?

Snookies1242d ago (Edited 42d ago )

@Aussiesummer - As always, people go for the worst possible things to try and prove a point. No, even that should not be censored. Reality check, my guy. It's disgusting. It's sick, but those things happen in the real world all the time. I wouldn't touch it, and most others wouldn't either. But it doesn't give me or you the right to say it should be altered if it's the vision of the creator. Avoid it if it's not something you can handle. For instance, I don't like those 18+ lewd Visual Novel type games. Yet I've defended people who were getting attacked for enjoying them. Censorship as a whole is a bad thing. Stop trying to defend it. And don't jump to the most extreme things you can think of just to try and prove some morally righteous point that will only hurt media as a whole.

anubusgold40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

@ScootaKuH movies get away with it stop treating games different.

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Kabaneri42d ago

So the rest of the world can enjoy Japanese media but Japan gets the censored versions? Seems backwards.

ManMarmalade42d ago

They've censored certain fatalities in MK in the past. I think Kabal's was specifically banned in Australia? That was years ago though.

ManMarmalade42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

Take it from me who has been designing and making my own traditional art for 26 years. Art should not be censored. All of these people making games are working their asses off animating, using motion capture, designing characters and worlds, etc. You think they want their vision to be washed out with censorship? No.
I was taking courses for 3d modeling and animation back in 2016. It took me weeks to perfect my 30 second animation of a pixar lamp jumping and turning through obstacles. I also did everything literally by myself. I wouldn't want any of my hard work to go to waste just because my professor didn't like something in my video and wants an adjustment or a removal of certain parts of it. You are taking away from an artist's dedication and hard work when it is their livelihood. And especially during this pandemic when many artists can't do much besides wait till this all blows over, and me being one of the unlucky ones doing exactly that.

D3TH_D33LR42d ago

Sounds like copium from a culture known for high censorship

CrimsonWing6942d ago (Edited 42d ago )

Yea censorship sucks. Why wouldn’t people complain about it? I don’t like having someone choose what content I can see just because of people who are sensitive. If the original work doesn’t contain extreme content then that’s fine, it’s only frustrating when it does include that content but gets censored.

It’s also the reason I hate watching movies on cable. I hate when they dub over swear words and edit scenes or flat-out omit scenes. Bottom line is censorship sucks.

gamerben42d ago

Japan censors violence, america censors sexual content. It's always been this way too

ManMarmalade42d ago

What are you talking about? The japanese are notorious for pixelating genitalia.

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sourOG42d ago

Wow that sucks. I thought Japan was all about weird shit, is this new?

AnotherGamer42d ago

When it comes to video games, censor over there still think video games are for kids and such.

badz14941d ago

Nintendoland. What else do you expect?

Tacoboto42d ago

Porn with the naughty bits gets censored out, but cartoon porn and anime body pillows, bring it on. Caught with marijuana or, god forbid, coke? You're canceled from existence. Japan is kinda like the US south; they're puritans until you see just how raunchy that internet search history is.

The_Sage42d ago

I don't know... They even sensor their porn. No problem buying underwear from vending machines though.

specialguest42d ago

Out of all of the weird stuff they have, they censor their porn. Wth is that sh*t?? Lol

Gatsu42d ago

US censor tits and ass, while Japan usually censor gore.

sourOG42d ago

US censors everything now lol. Dr Seuss just got banned, that’s how far we’ve dipped into clown world.

franwex42d ago

I always figured they are into weird crap due to their censorship.

sourOG42d ago

You’re probably right lol

galmi41d ago

well this censoring is weird shit

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AnotherGamer42d ago

No? Their censor regulations been like that for years now.

SenorFartCushion42d ago

That’s not what wokeness means.

Redemption-6442d ago

Did you just learn Japan existed today? Censoring games or porn have been going on in Japan for literally years. The CERO, if I am not mistaken has been around for about 2 decades now. Yet somehow you default to woke. It seems people just throw around the woke word without even knowing what they are talking about.

BlaqMagiq142d ago

Umm this isn't even the first time RE has been censored over there.

ManMarmalade41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

A quick google search will show you that a lot of the resident evil games have had some type of censorship.

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TriniOutsider42d ago

Why are some of you acting surprised?. Resident Evil 7 was censored as well over there. A lot of games are censored over in Japan. Last of Us 2 was a big one as well.

dead_pixels42d ago

I don't know if people are as much surprised as they are tired of such draconian regulations. For me, feels super surreal that we're still dealing with the same weird censorship issues we saw with Mortal Kombat nearly 30 years ago.