The Best PSVR 2 Games of 2023

The PSVR 2 isn't even a year old and its seen a tasty roster of titles arrive. Here are the best PSVR 2 games of 2023.

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Abnor_Mal170d ago

I wish Capcom would upgrade Resident Evil7 to be playable on PSVR2.

babadivad169d ago

I said I was gonna try PSVR this time around but I still haven't forced myself to take the plunge yet.

Babadook7169d ago (Edited 169d ago )

Do it when you have the time space and money. Think it through. It’s so worth it though.

The_Hooligan169d ago

I am thinking about purchasing PSVR2. I tried the headset and it felt comfortable even with me wearing glasses but it was only for like 15 mins. I didn't try it for a long time. So the only thing keeping me hesitant about making the jump to VR is not knowing how it would feel wearing glasses and playing VR for like an hour or two. Also, have you tried playing non-VR games with the headset. Meaning can you play spiderman with the headset. I know it won't be in VR but can you still use the headset to play regular games. Just curious to know what that is like.

Babadook7169d ago (Edited 169d ago )


I don't really recommend non VR games in the headset. It's much more blurry than even a 1080p screen I would say. Although it does work.

As someone who did wear glasses in VR and also struggled with the sweet spot a bit, I recommend getting HonsVR prescription lenses and especially the Globular Cluster comfort mod to help comfort and keeping the sweet spot.

Comfort Mod

Hons VR

The_Hooligan169d ago

Thanks so much for the info. Much appreciated. Happy gaming! 😊

Jingsing169d ago (Edited 169d ago )

Same, I bought PSVR1 and pretty much every AAA studio took a shot at making games for it but on PSVR2 it is just Sony and a sea of indie Quest ports which doesn't justify a premium $550 tag. I really want to play more VR but most of the software is pure garbage. I wouldn't even get $550 dollars worth of entertainment if you go by the dollar per hour metric for fun, it just isn't there. the few good games on it might get you close to 100 if you are hardcore.

I think Sony should have made their headset standalone with comparable or better power than the Quest. That would have gotten rid of the PS5 entry price and got non PS players involved too. But an added premium feature could have been to go wired with a PS5 if you have one for those few premium AAA games that can only run on a PS5.

EvertonFC169d ago (Edited 169d ago )

Loads of awesome games , if you ONLY think a few titles good games are out then VR was never for you.
The problem is gamers think every game released would have a VR hybrid version and that's the gamers 1st mistake.
VR2 is about a year old and I have over 20 games I really enjoy and put plenty of hours into.

EvertonFC169d ago

"force yourself".

That right there is WHY you shouldn't bother.
I love VR but if your going to force yourself then you are already going into VR negatively.

ChasterMies169d ago

Winter is a good time to try PSVR2. I just look outside and I’m ready to strap on a headset and stand uncomfortably for an hour.

1nsomniac169d ago

As a launch day owner in its current state it’s not worth it unfortunately. Almost a year later and it’s still missing even the most very basic of features. And it seems to be pretty dead on arrival. It has great promise but as usual it was ditched out the door by Sony.

Abnor_Mal169d ago

Just curious to know what basic features PSVR2 is still missing?

1nsomniac167d ago

You can’t even watch 3D videos on it. I mean seriously it’s a VR headset and it can’t watch VR movies!

It sounds more and more stupid each time I even hear myself say it. Imagine designing it that way! It’s absolutely insane that something that basic is missing. That’s VR 101, literally every other headset starts with that basic function. PSVR2 STILL can’t even do that!

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Babadook7169d ago

Yeah that’s a strange one. Maybe they don’t like racing games.

Abnor_Mal169d ago

There’s so many PSVR games that need an upgrade to PSVR2, the cumbersome Move controllers did limit the enjoyment of some games.

darthv72169d ago

i just recently found that i could use the move gun attachments for rush of blood and that made a huge difference in playability. I only wish that was upgraded to the VR2 along with Vader immortal.

Abnor_Mal169d ago

I have to rehook my camera for PSVR, and attach that adapter thing they gave away and give it a try, headset is packed away at the moment.

S2Killinit169d ago (Edited 169d ago )

Whats the top 3 games so far in your opinions?

purple101168d ago

Good list, googled them all and I’m in awe

EvertonFC169d ago (Edited 169d ago )

Red matter
Res 4
Beat sabre
RE Village
Star wars
Saint and sinners
Ghostbusters (if you have proper friends)
Walkabout golf
7th guests
Propagation paradise hotel
Green hell
Puzzling places
After the fall
Crossfire seirra
Tetris effect
Tripp (awesome while taking acid)
C smash
Before your eyes
Affected the manor
Song in the smoke
Paper beast

If gamers ONLY like 10% of my list you have your answer, DONT buy VR. I find my list to be a great 1st year for VR2 personally and I find it even crazier how YouTube content creators and gamers shite all over VR2 when its been a great year.

darthv72169d ago

Beat Sabre is definitely better on VR2 compared to VR1. Same with Thumper and Rez infinite.