When is 30 fps Okay for Consoles?

With PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X having so many games out of the gate with multiple performance options, it's important to consider the implications of different frame-rate targets and how they impact the experience.

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isarai1239d ago

When it's not a very fast paced action game or racing game, but these days it's better to just give the option.

darthv721238d ago

Having played games since Pong, i never really had a problem with it before. Looking back at some of the games that i really felt could have used a boost to their fps... alien vs predator on the jaguar is most definitely one of them. I think that was like... 15fps and if it had been 30 it would have been a whole different experience. Just thinking about it at 60 sort of freaks me out. Those aliens were pretty damn fast even at 15 so to think at 60... yikes.

30 works if it is meant to be some cinematic experience. I am getting rather spoiled by the addition of performance modes in modern games though. So lately I have been enjoying more games upwards of 60fps or close to it.

anubusgold1238d ago

twisted metal one and 2 in multiplayer the game would drop down to single digit
frame rates.

TheFirstClassic1238d ago

Back in the late 90s we just dealt with low frame rates. Perfect dark is so hard to go back to on the n64 now, but at the time people accepted it because it pushed the limits of the system so well. Somehow ocarina of time still feels ok though, despite being capped at 20.

outsider16241238d ago

Been playing since nintendo days. I've never had any problem during the ps1,ps2 days. Infact i never knew whar fps was..lol. All i ever did was enjoy playing games.
Anyone remember the original Shadow of the Colossus on ps2? Damn..the frames really dipped on that one.
Anyway for fast paced shooters, 60fps is required. Most of Sonys first party games run really smooth even at 30. Cant wait to check out the 60fps.

bouzebbal1238d ago

The focus on fps is so stupid imo... No game would beat a good old Streets of Rage..
I don't notice any difference playing at 60 or 30.. Tlou remastered felt exact same as ps3.. All I care about is a smooth fps, no lagging during highly crowded scenes

anubusgold1237d ago

@TheFirstClassic I had a pc back then as well and no those single digit drops was bad as well. Doom and wolfenstein if i was getting frame rate drops was that bad i would have said eww and dropped detail to get a better frame rate. Even Oregon trail had better fps than that lol. For shooters i was playing unreal tournament it had a pretty good frame rate untill some one shot the redeemer at you that would cause the frame rate to lag.

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ABizzel11238d ago

with the CPUs no longer being the limiting factor the option for 60fps should be in every game. 30fps is acceptable for RPGs and slower-paced games, but 60fps should still be an option.

--Onilink--1238d ago

And even for those types of games, if you just played something at 60 (or even turned on the 60fps mode on that game), 30 feels and looks janky as hell.

I played all of Watch Dogs Legion without much of an issue because I basically focused only on that game.

Started Spiderman at 60fps and then decided to try how the quality mode looked and had to immediately go back to 60 haha (even though I had no issues on PS4 the first time)

The more games continue to come out with a 60fps option, the harder it will be to not notice how janky 30fps really is

StoneyYoshi1238d ago

It's a matter of your eyes adjusting to it. Hopping between the two will be the most jarring way to compare the two. But if you were to play something at 60fps and not touch it for weeks and go back into it at 30 fps, it wont be as noticeably bad. It's a huge difference in feel but 30fps is still a perfectly fine frame rate for some games.

CP2077 is a good example. Game started out at 60FPS for me but once outside in the city the FPS tanked to about 40-45. It initially was annoying but I eventually got used to it after an hour or so.

ChasterMies1238d ago

Agree 100%. I played The Last of Us Part II and Control Ultimate Edition on PS5 at 30fps. Both games have slow moving protagonists and 30fps looked fine.

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ApocalypseShadow1238d ago (Edited 1238d ago )

When the developer believes it is the best course of action for their game. We can run in circles thinking something should be better. Be it graphics, frame rate, more objects on-screen, resolution, better A.I., etc. It's the developer's game. Don't like it, make your own at 60fps.

And, contrary to all the BS, 30fps is playable. Don't let anyone make you believe it isn't.

Jin_Sakai1238d ago

30fps is awful on OLED. I say just give us an option to drop resolution for 60fps.

ApocalypseShadow1238d ago

Depends on what you expect from the developer's game. I had NO PROBLEM playing Ghost of Tsushima exactly as Sucker Punch released it. 30fps. 60fps NEVER crossed my mind. It only would cross it if it ran at 5fps which is unplayable. That never happens in the game.

Would it be great that all flat games were 60fps? Sure. I'm aware of what it does.

I would love all PSVR games to be 120fps with super graphics. But the developers decided what worked for their game. Some run 90fps. Some run 60fps and are re-projected to 120fps. You can see that some games aren't exactly smooth. You can see detail increased and more polygons on-screen at lower frame rates. Will I complain about it when the lesser frame rate games are hella fun to play? Nope. I'm going to play them because the developer decided that what they did, their vision of the game at a certain level of detail, works at a lower frame rate.

We can all sit here and expect all these games to run at a certain level. Or expect the developers to give options in their game so that you, the player, can decide graphics or speed like PC. If they can offer that, then great. But Gamers need to check their expectations when it's not their game being made.

Or, they can go to PC where they can play with frame rates all day. I'll just be playing to have FUN. The main reason a game is made in the first place.

The_Sage1238d ago

Movies are filmed at 24fps. That's why better tvs incorporate 4:4:4 pull down. I actually prefer 30fps for cinematic game.

JackBNimble1238d ago

Most gamers have no idea what fps a game is, only the few hardcore gamers have any clue .

I'm willing to bet half the people here on n4g can't tell a 30fps game from a 60fps game.

arkard1238d ago

@atticus better then an OLED? Which is what?

sagapo1238d ago

Did you use gaming mode? Runs better imo. Never had an issue on my oled to be honest. Is it an LG? Although other brands use the same oled screen as LG, they use different image processing, perhaps that’s the problem in your case.

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GameZenith1238d ago

I'm sorry but technically 24fps is also playable but would you want that?

This is why I jumped to PC gaming in which 60fps is the minimum and I can reach up to 100+ fps.

Kornholic1238d ago

There is no 60fps minimum in PC gaming. There are people with budget specs that are happy to reach a stable 30fps.

StoneyYoshi1238d ago

"This is why I jumped to PC gaming in which 60fps is the minimum and I can reach up to 100+ fps."

This is entirely up to your budget. not everyone can afford a system that can run everything at a minimum of 60fps. Especially if you are trying to reach 4k60 as a minimum, you definitely wont be anywhere near the price of these consoles.

I have a pretty solid 1440p rig at home also just so you understand I'm not being biased towards consoles in my comment.

Zhipp1237d ago

60fps is the minimum on PC if you want it to be. You can make much more significant sacrifices in the graphics departments than the developer ever would have for the console version if you truly prioritize 60fps above all else.

anubusgold1237d ago (Edited 1237d ago )

@GameZenith You can get to 60 on everygame easy on pc but cyberpunk, but you could if you dropped res scale like what consoles already do .

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XbladeTeddy1238d ago

"And, contrary to all the BS, 30fps is playable. Don't let anyone make you believe it isn't."

Playable, yes, but is it an optimal experience for the player in racing or shooting games? No, it's not. It's all about the type of game.

ApocalypseShadow1238d ago (Edited 1238d ago )

Has nothing to do with optimal. Is it playable? Yes it is. Optimal is only possible if you have a system capable of running what you want to make as a developer. Which might also sacrifice what a developer is trying to achieve. Drive Club proves you're wrong. Multi million selling games like Spider-Man prove you're wrong. Ghost of Tsushima proves you're wrong.

If all you're going to worry about is if it's 60fps to enjoy a game, then I'd suggest moving on to another game that 60fps. And stop complaining about 30fps games.

DVAcme1237d ago

@JackBNimble I could buy a gamer not being able to distinguish between 60 and 120fps, but between 30 and 60? GTFO, that difference is BLINDINGLY obvious.