Pokemon Legends: Arceus Looks Like the Open-World Game We've All Been Dreaming Of

Rebecca writes: "Pokemon Legends: Arceus was just announced, and it looks to be a promising open-world game that fans have been dreaming of."

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This game actually looks incredible. I hope they can get it running well, since the trailer looked a bit choppy at times. If the switch can run BOTW, it can run this. Either way, I'm so glad to see that GF finally listened to their fanbase.

kythlyn42d ago

Yet another good reason for a Switch Pro to exist.

phoenixwing43d ago

Hopefully gf doesn't do the bare minimum this time around

Lore43d ago

Yea I’m quite nervous. They finally made the overworld look the way it should, but I’m concerned that the quests will be bland, difficulty will still be far too easy (just add an optional hard mode for goodness sake), and there will be minimal depth for exploration similar to Sword and shield.

-Foxtrot43d ago

Really? This? So far not even close.

Inverno43d ago

Would it be so hard to just grab BoTWs Hyrule and fill it with Pokemon? I know the games a year away but I'm not holding my breath.

SenorFartCushion43d ago

Yes, very hard, that’s not how game design works 😅

RedDevils43d ago

Koei Seem to do copy and paste about every popular anime, I'm sure Pokemon would be piece of cake.

DarthMarvin43d ago

@SenorFartCushion This assumption is coming from an industry legend, I presume? Which AAA titles have you worked on, again?

badz14943d ago


"Yes, very hard, that’s not how game design works"

WHAT? are you not familiar with the term "MOD"? watch this:

and tell us with a straight face that "NINTENDO CAN'T DO IT WITH BoTW & POKEMON"!

is Nintendo really THAT incompetent that a free MOD for an early access game can do it way better than they do with their own IP? are you really THAT gullible when it comes to NIntendo??

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SpeedDemon43d ago (Edited 43d ago )

You complained about them not making a big open world game, they do it and you still complain.

You complained about them not making faithful remakes of their older games, they do it and you still complain.

Neonridr43d ago

That's what he does. And then he gets angry if you call him out on that. He doesn't support anything Nintendo related, I don't even remember the last time he actually said a good comment about anything they put forth. Why even comment if it's always being the Debbie Downer? Game is still so far away from completion that lots can change.

Inverno43d ago

What's there to praise if they still don't put in effort in making it the best they can? Do the remakes hafto look so aesthetically dull? The chibi art style isn't even the problem. Links Awakening looks pretty great, but let's go further back. Ni No Kuni has a chibi art style while in the overworld, and the scale is much bigger. These remakes are one to one with the DS titles but in 3D. There's so much more little details they can add, more dense cities and more NPCs to make it livelier and they don't and they won't.

Why's it too much for some of you to accept criticism towards Pokemon?

TheColbertinator43d ago

Foxtrot is always upset and that is customary.

stupidusername43d ago


Foxtrot is complaining because he asked for bread, but what he got was unfinished dough.
This is a open world Pokemon game with only one town, no customization, your focus is solely on catching Pokemon, and your character even loses HP if he doesn’t catch Pokemon. And on top of that it looks like alpha gameplay.
Why are peoples standars so incredibly low when it comes to Pokemon? They’re one of the richest game companies in the world, it’s no wonder they don’t make any effort when they sell millions no matter what they do.

-Foxtrot43d ago



People are so blind

You ask for something, you get something half arsed and you are expected to shut up and like it


Dude, please...stop

You are ALWAYS defending Nintendo whatever they do, you were even defending Skyward Sword being full price despite not being that much of an improvement and thinking that would do it for a 35 Anniversary celebration

If you've all got to call the user rather than giving a GOOD counter point then you clearly don't know what to say because you can't

SpeedDemon42d ago

These complaints being used are just weak. A unfinished game looks unfinished? It may end up not having a lot of depth, but we haven't seen enough of it to determine that. The compaint for the remakes "I don't like the chibi look", the old games had chibi characters...

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moomoo31943d ago

It looks wildy outdated. If you take all the systems from 2D pokemon and put it in freeroam, just feels barebones. They need to add more core systems to the game, not just throwing poke balls from 3rd person and riding ur poke like a small horse. Any other brand we'd be saying wat is this garbage 😆

VariantAEC42d ago

So what you're saying is that this is Virtually The Legend of Pokémon Go: Breath of The Wild?

Outlawzz43d ago

Looks promising. We need to see more gameplay, the footage looked very early dev.

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