Halo Infinite New Screenshots - Inside Infinite - February 2021

343 Industries: In our latest installment of Inside Infinite we talk with members of the Halo Infinite team about the work they're doing to bring Zeta Halo to life and share some updated looks at the progress that's been made since last year's campaign demo.

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darthv7247d ago

I can def see a difference, but it would be nice to see in motion. Then we will know for sure if they have fixed the right things.

RaidenBlack47d ago

What is seems is that, they're going for a realistic lighting implementation along with very minimal post-processing effects (which was opposite in Halo 5).
So this scene:
Looks very clean but I'd like more details.

DJStotty47d ago

I agree, we need to see an updated trailer/gameplay.

My guess is they will leave that for this years E3.

Rousseau88847d ago (Edited 47d ago )

Agreed ! Also with new graphic i wonder how nice ray tracing will look in a game like halo with plasmas weapons

Edit : i hope brutes get their beards back

Sayai jin46d ago

Agreed Darth. Stills are cool, but seeing the animation, fps, etc is where you can determine any true improvement. Slow and steady and release when completely polished. Every game should follow those rules to look and play great, i.e. God of War, LOU...

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Godmars29047d ago


"Oh, hi Craig. How's your sex life?"

Kilua40d ago

This is what impressive looks like? Still doesn't look all that great to me. It must look like they are doing exactly what they should have. 343 industries arent going to push graphical boundaries here, but i expect a competent looking game and i guess these screens are a start

rlow147d ago

Looks much better and they still have some time to go.

NeoGamer23246d ago

I actually think the trees look mostly the same. It is almost like they are using a form of cell shading on them. Something like in Everwild.

Fluttershy7746d ago

yeah cell shaded and not only on them

Noskypeno46d ago

These screens are somewhat inconsistent, but it does look much better then before, there's much more foliage and the textures and lighting look better. But I guess the orange sky just made it look flat

DOMination-46d ago

They look like cel shading because the caption says it's a concept painting

Kavorklestein47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

Hearing what they described in the article sounds promising, and some of those time of day differences looked quite nice.
I don't wanna get my hopes up too high, but this is looking and sounding better and better for sure.

Can't wait to see more.

Kavorklestein47d ago

13 disagrees? Wow how sad, Holy fuck you are all retards.

SonyStyled47d ago

My phone is slow and incorrectly auto fills regularly, but choice words you have my friend. Bless you

DJStotty47d ago

Sadly there is a large portion of N4G that want this game to fail, just to give them a new bat to hit the ball around with.

galmi46d ago

its the n4g formula lol

StormSnooper46d ago

You say sadly but you do the same thing yourself.

On topic: I think it’s looking better, that’s not saying much, but I think by the time it’s ready it will look amazing. It has to, it’s a Halo game.

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Bathyj47d ago

I think we need to see it running before we can conclude if there's been a real improvement.

And why are they still showing PC shots? Stop starving your console customers Microsoft.

russo12146d ago

Ms follows their usual promotion recipe with old same tactics and fanboys fall for it every time.

Must wait for console version and preferably in motion.

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