Watch Dogs 2 is a Smooth Open World with a Xbox Series X FPS Boost | Gamerheadquarters

Taking a look at Watch Dogs 2 Xbox Series X where the game has been given a FPS Boost to improve the fluidity of this open world in a great way.

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ScootaKuH112d ago

Amazing. I wish I could buy a Series X now for all these last gen games. Looks like that 12 tflops is being put to fantastic use

Orchard112d ago

Dang you’re right - MS bought Zenimax and all those other studios to make them work on back compat! /s

Sitdown112d ago

Are you saying you can't buy one because
A) You don't have the extra money.
B.) They are sold out.
C) Both A and B.

waverider111d ago (Edited 111d ago )

Lol. 12 teraflops having nothing to do with frames.... The resolution is crap. Upgrade your pc and get the best bc ever. Nobody buys a next gen console to play old games.

Sitdown111d ago

So if someone skipped a generation or went with another company last generation, you are telling is they would not factor in the ability to play old games? Day 1 buyers do so because of the abundance of launch titles? On my ps5 all I have played so far is Astro's Playroom, and Ghost of Tsushima. Once I complete Ghost then I will move on to either Demon Souls or Spiderman....and later will enjoy the PS Collection. Which based off what your are saying, why did Sony give us the PS collection?

Orchard111d ago (Edited 111d ago )

You’re totally wrong here.

1. There are lots of good games from past generations, a lot of which are worth even replaying.

2. Teraflops literally have a direct relation to frame rate...

Honestly I wish Sony would put more priority on back compat and catch up with MS in that area - imagine MGS4 at 60fps (or even a solid 30 - that game struggles bad)

waverider111d ago (Edited 111d ago )

Some here are comparing average games to trash or average games. Miss a gen? Again nobody buys a brand New console to play old games. Having bc is nice, but didnt change nothing last gen. Microsoft got crushed. PS collection is some of the best games of last gen. Average games can run at 240 and it doesnt matter. Again faster and more powerfull cpu allow better frames, not the gpu.... That Was the main problem last gen with crappy cpu. 12 teraflops doesnt do nothing for the frames thats why the crossgen s can also do this but cant have the upgrades of last gen one x.

Phoenix029112d ago

Problem is it’s still running at Xbox one resolution.

Computersaysno112d ago (Edited 112d ago )

900p and medium settings. It's nearly as good as what a five year old midrange PC could do on this game. Great stuff, give them some credit.

Majors112d ago (Edited 112d ago )

Nice its the best one of the collection and so much fun to play

Kurupt111d ago

I wonder if Sony would be able to achieve the the same with this fps boost stuff..cuz if the series x can so can ps5.. Heck.. If series s can so can ps5 easy

badz149111d ago (Edited 111d ago )

personally, I would rather Sony put all their efforts to provide new exclusive games for the PS5 rather than putting in desperate efforts to make last-gen games run better with BC than they did on PS4. being able to play these games with BC is already good enough IMO and with some of the games having their fps unlocked by default makes them run smoother this time around on the PS5 which is already a bonus.

MS is making this BC thing bigger than it should be and I think, for the wrong reason. BC is already good enough for both of them but NOO....let's make them do more than they should for a console. I said it's for the wrong reason because they are seriously lacking in their next-gen offerings. can't they see that we are already 3 months in the new gen and they are still marketing BC like they didn't already market it enough for the past 12 months?! show us something new, MS!

Sitdown111d ago

"would rather Sony put all their efforts to provide new exclusive games"

So based off that statement, you prefer that they not work on the UI experience, the store, or anything else that contributes to the environment? Why do we act like these are small companies that can't multitask and be successful?

badz149111d ago (Edited 111d ago )


What is so wrong about the UI of the PS5 or even the PS4? The Switch one is way worse and I don't see people complaining about it. And let's not talk about online, the PS4 and PS5 are doing just fine (the xbox too) while the one on Switch is archaic at BEST! And nobody seems to care about that too. I wonder why.

What I'm trying to say is, the UI of the PS5 is fine and the store will be updated like everyday when new contents come in, what are you even complaining about? There are sales on PS Store like every week since the PS4 days and I have nothing to complain about that. Sony has also improve the download speeds on the PSN I heard and that is all good too.

I just don't want them to be caught up in MS's petty agenda and end up putting too much focus on BC, that's it. Their BC works and it should be the end of it IMO. It's the PS5's time now and let that system shine is what all I was saying. You rambling about UI, the experience and store thing was really uncalled for because you know pretty darn well Sony is not as complacent and ignorant (incompetent?) when it comes to providing a great user experience unlike Nintendo.

mlackin111d ago

Watch Dogs 2 is one of my favourite games of all time. This actually makes me want a Series X even more.