Jak and Daxter Is a Side of Naughty Dog That Should Come Back

Despite the success of massive success of Uncharted and The Last of Us, Naughty Dog would be well-served to return to Jak and Daxter.

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lifeisgamesok714d ago

I disagree. I think games like Ratchet and Clank fills that gap very well and Naughty Dog's strengths are with realistic action adventures

714d ago
Inverno713d ago

Realism is so overrated

NapalmSanctuary712d ago

Thats not how it works dude. Ask a Jak and Daxter fan if R&C fills that void. Just like Vigilante 8 doesn't fill a Twisted Metal void and vice versa and Street Fighter doesn't fill a Mortal Kombat void and vice vera.

Retroman714d ago

Jax and Daxter would be Great on PS5 along with R&C

Levii_92714d ago

Yeah i agree they should go back to making real games again, not Jak and Dexter specifically but something like that. ND really needs to have a Nintendo moment like BOTW and Odyssey and undergo some sort of evolution in the studio.

No more fake scripted barely a game kinda games.. you had your Uncharted games and the TLOU 2013 all that was awesome and epic and i was crazy for those games but now i would love them to move on cause they have have some mad talent there. They could totally make a deep, engaging GAMEPLAY focused game and rival some of the greats out there.

Inverno713d ago

Jack and Daxter is a side of the industry that needs to come back. I gotta be honest, I'm kinda done with all this push for realistic graphics.

Rangerman1208713d ago

I would love to see it come back. Heck, I actually wouldn't even mind if Bluepoint were to make a SotC-style remake of the first game.

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