Amazon Opens Preorders For Ratchet And Clank A Rift Apart

Following yesterdays announcement of Ratchet And Clank A Rift Apart releasing in June, Amazon has now officially opened preorders for the game, so be sure to preorder the upcoming PS5 game...

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CyberSentinel130d ago

Who cares, if you can’t buy a system?
With low amounts of a system install base, I’m sure releasing platform exclusive games will be very profitable. I’ll wait until I have an actual PS5, and by that time it will probably be dirt cheap because of low sales.

Teflon02130d ago

Just because you don't got one doesn't mean no one does. Damn

128d ago
jznrpg129d ago

You can buy them . 3 of my friends at work got one this past week . One at GameStop one at Target one from Best Buy . Just need to keep an eye out

CyberSentinel129d ago (Edited 129d ago )


Trust me, I have been looking. Between the scalpers and the microprocessor shortages, it’s unknown if many will be able to even get a system this year! (2021)

The “disagrees” can hate all they want, but truth is truth. Low install base will result in low sales. Just because scalpers are obtaining systems, they won’t buy the games to support the hardware.

A developer would have to be a complete fool to release exclusive single next gen platform games this year. Prove me wrong...I dare you developers...

jukins129d ago

Lol this guy mustve not heard of miles morales...took top PS5, not ps4, charts at launch in all territories swllong upwards of 71% on december it was at 4.1 million. Ps5s are at about 5 million. Even if you wanted to split ps5 copies vs ps4 copies sold right down the middle thats still 2 million sold. Which ia a 50% attqch rate among pa5 owners...they plan to sell 8 million by may ratchet in june...its a playatation 5 exclusive from a beloved franchise lol and youre crying about install base and developer being a complete fool for releasing a game with "low install base".

Im curious what game development and publishing havw you participated in to know whata good or bad? Clearly sony having a record financial quarter with revenue more than xbox and nintendo combined shows they know what to do.

Ratchet will makes ita money back day 1

CyberSentinel128d ago


Spiderman:MM for PS5 didn’t sell 4.1M.
Spiderman:MM for PS5 AND PS4 did.

“ The game, which launched alongside the PS5 in November, has so far sold 4.1 million copies to consumers as of December 31, 2020. The number includes PS4 and PS5 copies, both digitally and at retail. This is a decent turnout for a smaller-scale expansion, but it is nowhere near the mega-hit that is its predecessor, Spider-Man.”

SamPao128d ago

Hitman 3 already sold best on ps5. Try again

lifeisgamesok130d ago

Day 1

Ratchet and Clank PS4 is one of my favorite games of the last generation and one of the best looking

Tiqila130d ago

Even if I had a PS5, I would but pre-order. Would probably buy it day one, though, but no pre-order. Last two games I pre-ordered were Warcraft 3 reforged and cyberpunk.

128d ago
lellkay128d ago

Will grab this day one! hype!