Metal Gear Solid V and Metal Gear Survive Updated, Here's What Was Added

Konami has updated all of their MGS games that are available on the current-generation consoles. This includes Metal Gear Solid V and Metal Gear Survive.

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justsomeoffdude65d ago

- Modification of the Agreement Process

These are the patch notes that are accessible on the PS4. The update has been reported to be just under 500 MB. It will be available to download on PS4, PC, and Xbox One. Just don’t expect to find any new content or a patch to upgrade the game for the PS5. There is no such change included in this update.

DarXyde65d ago

Konami still hasn't patched joy into MG Survive.

SlothLordPootus64d ago

I want a Tidying Up season 2 so bad!

Orchard64d ago

Headline had my hopes up for a next gen upgrade but... it’s Konami, I should know better.

Axecution64d ago

Whoa! I completely forgot Metal Gear Survive existed at all. It's like it was actually just erased. Weird. I wonder if it's actually as bad as people said it was...

Chocoburger64d ago

I've played the game a lot. The online multi-player is good fun, but it gets repetitive quickly due to the lack of maps. For a game with micro-trash-actions, there is no excuse for the low number of maps to play in.

The single player on the other hand is awful. It's just nothing but grindy filler. Nothing special, interesting, or memorable happens. One plot twist that was okay, but not worth playing the game for.

The issue is that you must play lots of single mode player in order to improve for the multi-player mode, since your character progress is linked together.

Most people who hate the game never played it, much less experienced the thrills of 4 player online cooperational play. But at the same time, the game is an easy skip.

There are many games worse than Metal Gear: Survive released each year, but also there are many games better released each year as well.

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