What's Next for Metal Gear Solid?

Alex DS. from Link Cable Gaming writes: "No matter what you think about Konami these days, they are sitting on a beloved IP that still has tons and tons of potential for great new stories."

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Z50162d ago

Those aren't "Solid" games tho.

chicken_in_the_corn62d ago

They're still part of the main series

Z50162d ago

"They're still part of the main series"
No one said otherwise.

MG 1 and 2 aren't Solid games tho. Title literally says "Solid"

Just stating facts.

RaidenBlack63d ago

Pachinko ... loads of 'em.

63d ago
porkChop63d ago

Likely nothing. After Survive failed Konami knows they can't capitalize on that franchise without Kojima. And Kojima doesn't want to make MGS games anymore, for a decade he kept saying he wanted to make other games.

Gridknac62d ago

Bingo! We got a winner here, show them what they have won!

Nyxus63d ago

It's so frustrating that we hear absolutely nothing. Remember, this is what Konami said six years ago: https://www.metalgearinform...

RaidenBlack62d ago

Lets guess that Konami wants the MGS franchise to continue to be multi-platform. Hence don't want to partner with either MS or Sony.
They can easily collab with other Japanese studios (if Konami is unwilling to do MGS with non-Japanese devs) for future games, like they did with MGR:R.
Hypothetical like: Even though Capcom is a long rival, but given the recent state of Konami, they can partner up with Capcom for an awesome MGS revival. Konami directs and publishes, while a Capcom sub-team just develops the game using the RE engine.


They could easily remake old MGS games with the TPP game mechanics and engine, but they won’t.

It’s a shame one of the most innovative game directors also spent most of his career establishing his ideas with a company that doesn’t take pride in innovation.

Pachinko machines work for Konami, so they will continue that until it doesn’t.

Z50162d ago (Edited 62d ago )

MGS1 was isometric. Not tps or fps.The first person view is what broke Twin Snakes (Gray Fox & Ocelot fights)

How would the laser sight tracking on handguns from MGS1 work using TPP game mechanics and engine for example?


You might have to think over a few hallways for the older games, but that is being done right now for Dead Space.

And for your second point, I guess they could not have lasers?

I’m not saying it would be an “easy” copy paste job, but it could absolutely be done in a profitable manner. Or, they could just make another pachinko machine.

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The story is too old to be commented.