'Resident Evil Village' Actress Jeanette Maus Has Passed Away

Actress Jeanette Maus, who voiced several characters in the upcoming Resident Evil Village, has passed away. She was the talent behind of one of the witch sisters that makes up the daughters of House Dimitrescu.

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JCOLE1319538d ago

F**k cancer. Rest In Peace...

Jin_Sakai38d ago

She was only 39 years old. Sad to see anyone go so young. RIP.

Venom131338d ago

Cancer is a billion dollar industry. Radiation therapy was discovered by accident. Cancer is not going away soon it makes way too much money. Of course corporations have been poisoning us, our foods are controlled by Monsanto a chemical company. It's obvious they are making us sick for profit there's just more money out of it than curing cancer. Just because it's on the past doesn't mean we are not being poisoned even if little by little. Yes some vaccines have caused issues. How about the rise in autism?Rgr, those people probably believe wearing two masks protects them from the virus.

fr0sty38d ago

This is the problem with for-profit healthcare... when there's a financial incentive for you to be sick, the medicines no longer look to cure you, but just to keep you just well enough that you need to buy more medicine.

FlameBaitGod37d ago

"The medicines no longer look to cure you, but just to keep you just well enough that you need to buy more medicine."


mikeslemonade37d ago

I pretty much agree. Glad lots of N4G people know this.

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RgR38d ago ShowReplies(23)
HaveAsandwich38d ago

"independent universities". lol ok then

NymphetamineNight38d ago

Not going to argue the point that a lot of universities get top dollar funds from either local governments or privately owned ventures. But there's far more universities doing research into those topics that simply do not get that level of funding or traction within those industries and still produce similarly peer reviewed research.

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We were not exactly swimming in big pharma bucks and we had zero contact to any "representative" of any of the industries that usually get thrown around whenever these sort of conspiracies are brought up. It was just three 20-something year old graduate students trying to figure out something with the limited knowledge and resources they had. And yet we got an article out of it and it was peer reviewed and published, which becomes part of the big repository of knowledge that then leads to the final products that we have nowadays.

To be completely honest I can never wrap my finger around why these conspiracies even exist in the first place, when there's far worse, real things happening in the world.

blackblades38d ago

They should've found a cure for that by now, like wth they been doing all this time. Anyway rip, cancer is the worst.

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Elda38d ago

Another loss in the industry. May her new journey & soul is filled with peace & blissfulness.

sourOG38d ago

Damn RIP. Left her mark before she passed. The game looks dope, it sucks she couldn’t see it play out.

Unknown_Gamer579437d ago

I suppose there is that. She has made more of a mark than many of us will in our lifetimes, even if we do live right on through to old age. She still should have lived longer. Those of us who keep on living should always remember that everyday is a gift that should never be taken for granted.

BigBosss38d ago

May Jesus Christ rest her soul

Sprucegoose7738d ago

That's sad. May she rest in peace. Condolences to her family and friends!

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