Resident Evil 8 Village PSVR 2 Review – Stunning & Engaging - UploadVR

Resident Evil 8 for PlayStation VR2 features intense action alongside visuals that are "a stark and shocking leap" over standalone.

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hotnickles91d ago

It’s pretty wild so far I’m having fun.

S2Killinit91d ago (Edited 91d ago )

Man at this point people who dont play in VR are just missing out on the best that gaming has to offer. Dont get me wrong there are draw backs like the fact that you cant sit there and play VR for 4 hours straight like you can a flat game ( at least I cant) but how good/fun these VR games are nowadays, and how close they are in resolution/graphics to the flat version + the added immersion, it makes the VR version the definitive way to play.

I havent had a lot of time to play w my PSVR2 but man, the little bit that Ive seen so far! Blows me away!