Resident Evil 8 Village PSVR 2 Review – Stunning & Engaging - UploadVR

Resident Evil 8 for PlayStation VR2 features intense action alongside visuals that are "a stark and shocking leap" over standalone.

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hotnickles468d ago

It’s pretty wild so far I’m having fun.

S2Killinit468d ago (Edited 468d ago )

Man at this point people who dont play in VR are just missing out on the best that gaming has to offer. Dont get me wrong there are draw backs like the fact that you cant sit there and play VR for 4 hours straight like you can a flat game ( at least I cant) but how good/fun these VR games are nowadays, and how close they are in resolution/graphics to the flat version + the added immersion, it makes the VR version the definitive way to play.

I havent had a lot of time to play w my PSVR2 but man, the little bit that Ive seen so far! Blows me away!


Atlus Fes Event Report

Atlus Fes 2024, an event to commemorate Atlus' 35th anniversary, was held in Akihabara, Tokyo on the weekend of 8-9 June 2024.

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LG_Fox_Brazil3d ago

Good thing I wasn't there, I would've left my entire pay check


Ubisoft Forward: Official Livestream - June 2024

Ubisoft Forward is back and live from L.A. with an exciting line-up of games and announcements. Watch live June 10 2024 at 12PM PDT/9PM CEST. Preshow starts at 11.30AM PDT/8.30PM CEST

Garethvk3d ago

Star Wars Outlawa has some real potential. I loved the Fallen Order games but the abundant timed jumps at times took me out of the narrative as they could be come frustrating. The branching options and status with factions looks great.

-Foxtrot3d ago

Prince of Persia 2026…REALLY? And that’s all they had for us…a candle.

Jesus. Imagine if they didn’t give it to a shitty support studio and tried to sell us a sloppy remake years ago

Now we have (no hate on quality here) two PoP games no one asked for. We could have been anticipating a Warrior Within remake by now.

Elda3d ago

LOL!! They should have even announced it. They should have just waited a year from now to announce it with some gameplay. Lame.

Terry_B3d ago

Sorry for everyone who watched this ;)

Elda3d ago

No surprises just updates on existing games & games that have already been announced. A lame show.