Mafia: Definitive Edition Xbox Series X|S Review - This is How You Make a Movie Game | Jump Xbox

Jump Xbox: Mafia Definitive Edition isn't just one of the best remakes to grace our screens; it's one of the best open-world crime games. Less freedom and more guidance results in an action-packed experience that doesn't suffer from the typical flaws of open-world games. The story is gripping and the performances by the cast are to be applauded. Gameplay is by the numbers with some flaws in its combat, though the lovingly recreated period setting glosses over the few missteps.

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BenRC01880d ago

"The word “cinematic” is often thrown around with reckless abandon when it comes to modern games. Uncharted and The Last of Us 2 spring to mind as they’re often referred to as “cinematic masterpieces” of gaming. I don’t think they are. Mafia Definitive Edition, though? Yes, in every sense."

Stopped reading there. Pure fanboy drivel.

thornintheside880d ago

The game is out for PC, PS and Xbox, so I dont think it's fanboy drivel. I think he disagrees with describing UC and TLOU as cinematic games, not whether or not they are masterpieces.
Anyway he goes on to say: "This is how you make a movie game.", and I certainly wouldn't lob TLOU and UC into such type of category(Movie Games).