PS Plus Essential February 2023 Games Lineup Leaked For PS4 and PS5

According to a leak by prominent leaker billbil-kun, subscribers to the PS Plus Essential service can expect to receive four games as part of their February 2023 monthly lineup.

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isarai504d ago

Isn't Destiny 2 free to play?

Eidolon503d ago

It's the dlc or with the dlc Beyond Light, which isn't normally free.

GamerRN503d ago

So wait, Sony can give away Bungie DLC for free using their PlayStation Plus program, but they are fighting Microsoft out of fear COD will be free on GamePass?

crazyCoconuts503d ago

I assume the fear is that they'll take COD away from Playstation or use it as a bargaining chip for unsavory behavior.
If MS just wanted to put it on GamePass I'm sure Activision would do it for the right amount of money without MS having to buy the whole darn company

Crows90503d ago

Nope. Waterboy is wrong again. The issue with call of duty is making it exclusive.

isarai503d ago

Missed the point entirely

FlyGuyHung503d ago (Edited 503d ago )

MS should make it Xbox/PC/SWITCH 2 exclusive the first chance they get tbh. Let Jim Ryan and PS fans who claim to not care for or play CoD cry louder.

Crows90503d ago


What an ignorant comment. You do realize that the vocal ps fans are a minority....obviously if you look at the numbers it clearly shows there's a ton more PlayStation fans playing cod than Xbox fans.

FlyGuyHung503d ago


Exactly why they should make it xbox/pc/switch 2 exclusive asap. You wanna play Bethesda or Activision games, buy an Xbox or invest in a PC. Just like I got a PS5 to play FF and spiderman.

jeromeface503d ago

@flyguyhung and cost themselves more sales... you're not a business man I can tell. Cod needs sony more than sony needs cod

wiz7191503d ago

@Crows you’re wrong Microsoft aren’t stupid , they know it’s financially feasible to keep it on PlayStation. They’re not going to throw away hundreds of millions, they would rather actually keep it on. What I feel like it’s Sony not wanting to put that money right into Microsoft’s pocket. Who really wants to help fund their competition??

wiz7191503d ago

@Crow if it more consoles in the wild , it obvious it would sell more on that console. It’s not about it being more popular on PlayStation, it’s just more people have PlayStations.

GamerRN501d ago

Actually to anyone who is following the case, they have stayed fear that Microsoft will:

1. Give exclusive content like weapons or nodes to their console. Meanwhile they bought exclusive COD modes in the past.

2. Graphic events on their console. They are afraid that now they will lead program on Xbox and be able to put in graphic enhancements that they can't do.

3. GamePass. They specifically mention great of GamePass in their list of complaints. Meanwhile, see above.

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EmperorDalek503d ago

Does Bungie want to put new players off by giving Beyond Light? The story was rubbish. Give Witch Queen away and there'd be a fair amount of new players in time for Lightfall.

ChasterMies503d ago

Bungie is now owned by Sony. This is all Sony’s decision. I played through Beyond Light and Witch Queen for the free week last summer, and while Witch Queen is more interesting, Beyond Light adds the stasis ability. Neither is enough to play the “meta”. You’d need to pay for the season passes to win, er, get all the best gear to be competitive in Crucible and pass gear checks for the raids. Destiny should really just offer content for free like Fortnite and fund itself with cosmetics like Fortnite.

EmperorDalek503d ago (Edited 503d ago )

I would assume Sony asked Bungie for their recommendation on which expansion to give away, I'd be very surprised if that wasn't the case.

As I said to a below response, I don't think stasis is important enough to a new player to justify an otherwise odd expansion to give away. Either Shadowkeep or Witch queen would have made more sense for different reasons.

A subscription model was rumoured, I think that would be more likely than a fully F2P model.

EvertonFC503d ago

The story was rubbish for you, doesn't mean it was rubbish for others.

EmperorDalek503d ago

The Beyond Light campaign was undeniably rubbish. Compare it even to average campaigns from other shooters, and it gets put to shame. The only good content in Beyond Light was Deep Stone Crypt.

Obscure_Observer503d ago


"Does Bungie want to put new players off by giving Beyond Light? The story was rubbish. Give Witch Queen away and there'd be a fair amount of new players in time for Lightfall."

And how do you expect new players to be familiar with the darkness abilities? By paying for Beyond Light? You tried to play smart, but failed.

EmperorDalek503d ago

Out of the three currently available expansions, they're giving new players the middle one. This doesn't make sense from a chronological perspective, they should have given Shadowkeep for that. Or if they wanted to simply give players the best first impression of the game, they should have given Witch Queen. Giving Beyond Light makes no sense.

Stasis isn't important for a new player, and I'd argue it isn't even particularly useful outside of master level content. I don't think it justifies the odd expansion selection here.

I'm not sure how you think I tried to play smart. It's a simple arguement; Beyond Light was not good, new players won't like it. Witch queen on the other hand is good, new players would like it. Which part of that was a complicated argument to you?

DefenderOfDoom2503d ago

Funny about a month ago I bought Beyond Light DLC on sale for 7 bucks
Beyond Light campaign was kinda easy to beat . Then I bought WITCH QUEEN DLC and so much fun because of Legendary difficult setting. Very fun and challenging to play solo.

Petebloodyonion503d ago

I have to give credit to Sony here, despite the addition of PS+ extra, the monthly offering is still of great quality.
Another solid month.

phoenixwing503d ago

I have extra and will be happy to see what they have in store for it this month

Petebloodyonion503d ago

Always looking for what Gamepass and PS+ extra has to offer
So far both services made me happy with some quality titles with Returnal, Deathloop, and WWE 2k22 on PS+ and Plage Tales Requiem, Lego SW, and HI-Fi Rush on Gamepass
Add the Free Epic Games Deal and I feel that for less than 20$ per month, I'm pretty much covered on all platforms.

phoenixwing503d ago

I pay for games still on top of it. Will get gamepass again when Redfall drops

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