Destiny 2 Runs At Dynamic 1440p On PS5/XSX In 120 FPS Mode With a Solid Performance

Destiny 2 has a 120 FPS performance mode and unlike other games offering similar mode, it runs at a 1440p resolution and manages to stick to it.

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SlothLordPootus57d ago

From watching the video it seemed that the PS5 was dipping more frequently than the XSX, but the stats show otherwise. They are neck and neck. Both of them took a big hit during the special attacks with lots of effects.

Jin_Sakai57d ago

They’re about dead even.

PS5 Mean 119.02fps
XSX Mean 119fps

PS5 min 87fps
XSX min 88fps

SlothLordPootus56d ago (Edited 56d ago )

Lol why did I get downvoted. I stated the same thing as Jin.

Separate question: Do I need to play through Destiny (2014) and it's DLC before playing Destiny 2?

The first one with DLC is still like $60, so it's a bit of a tough sell.

r2oB55d ago

@ sloth

No, you can play Destiny 2 without playing Destiny 1.

hectorius55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

Jin_Sakai1d 15h ago
They’re about dead even.

PS5 Mean 119.02fps
XSX Mean 119fps

PS5 min 87fps
XSX min 88fps***

lolol It's all total BS kid and you kiddies need to work on that ADD

PS5 won't support 1440p resolution, it's official

Bad news for all PC gamers interested in buying PS5. Apparently, the new console will not support 1440p resolution.***

What part of PS 5 doesn't support 1440p is it you kiddies aren't getting?? Look at your PS 5 box dipstick


it clearly stated 8K, 4K 120 and HDR. TVs have TUNERS fool, the "device" Synchs to the TVs REFRESH RATE, sends /sub/ Pixel 0,0 VRAM to 0,0 TV, 0,1 VRAM to 0,1 TV.. All the way down to the bottom, where it starts again at 0,0 to REFRESH the screen, which it does @ 60 fps. It cannot go any faster or slower than the TV allows for any /sub/pixel as in Digital this would give a "Memory Buffer Overflow" error.

The PS 4/5 is compliant with HDMI 2.1 and the bt 2020 TELEVISION standard, which clearly states

***Technical details
Rec. 2020 defines two standard image formats of 3840 × 2160 ("4K") and 7680 × 4320 ("8K").[1] These both have an aspect ratio of 16:9 and use square pixels.[1]

Frame rate
Rec. 2020 specifies the following frame rates: 120p, 119.88p, 100p, 60p, 59.94p, 50p, 30p, 29.97p, 25p, 24p, 23.976p.[1] Only progressive scan frame rates are allowed.[1]

Digital representation
Rec. 2020 defines a bit depth of either 10 bits per sample or 12 bits per sample.***

8K/4K ONLY.. So a Min of 2160 lines.. Variable refresh rates to cover Bluray/film [24fps], tv [PAL 25/50Hz, NTSC 30/60] with 120 being the max... the .12/.06 difference is to take into account the "dirty electricity"/ distance from transformer.. NTSC is 110/120v Direct Current, Pal is 220/240v Alternating Current.

Any TV which didn't comply with these regulations wouldn't be released.

RazzerRedux55d ago (Edited 55d ago )


"What part of PS 5 doesn't support 1440p is it you kiddies aren't getting?"

Why are you pretending this is about native 1440p? What part of dynamic resolution scaling don't you understand? Oh wait....obviously all of it so nevermind.

slavish055d ago

xbox and pc support vrs so those versions are better. Hopefully ps5 gets it

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gamer780456d ago

they should be neck and neck, its an old game optimized for next gen.

poppatron55d ago

There’s a proper next gen port. I’ve been playing it the last few days, anyone with a ps5 I would strongly advise downloading. It sounds silly but it’s one of my most next gen experiences so far...

It looks awesome!! I think it’s native 4K, but the textures are all hi res and it’s 60fps. It’s genuinely transformative!!

Even my non gamer wife was shocked!!!

gamer780455d ago (Edited 55d ago )

Key word port, these games aren’t built from the ground up for next gen is all I’m saying to see any real differences . It does look a lot better for sure though

BenRC0155d ago

Arguing over last gen ports again? Boring.

Neonridr56d ago

with my 1080ti I was getting 120-ish FPS running at 1440p with all the settings cranked. Numbers sometimes higher if it was smaller areas vs bigger open areas.

ABizzel156d ago

The consoles seem to be running anywhere from RTX 2060 up to RTX 2080 depending on the game.

Whitey2k56d ago

Agree take alook at Valhalla for instances ps5 an xsx was running around 2080 and 2080s

Computersaysno56d ago (Edited 56d ago )

Valhalla was special circumstances favouring the consoles, real world performance for PS5 was a 5700XT.

Varies game to game with that one favouring AMD hardware. 5700XT is on average ever so slightly slower than a 2070 Super to the tune of a couple of percent.

Turn on ray tracing though and relative performance of Series X was actually a bit less than an RTX 2060S on Watchdogs Legion....

Sunny1234556d ago

All I know is a 400$ pc won't be able to do what ps5 is doing, not taking devs optimization into consideration. Next gen consoles are worth the money.

Giblet_Head56d ago (Edited 56d ago )

If you're going to build a PC, why limit yourself to the specifications of a console? You have all the options available to exceed it with the right budget, so why not take advantage of that? I don't get this mentality of settling for less when transitioning to an unrestricted platform that can do way more. Also that worth is debatable, unless you like spending too much on games at $70 a pop now with an annual multiplayer paywall, not including if an "enhanced" model comes out to keep up.

RazzerRedux55d ago (Edited 55d ago )


Exactly. People say "you can't build a PC the equivalent of a PS5 for $400". Ok....well, you can't buy a console as powerful as a PC with a RTX 3000 series at any price. And the costs, as you alluded to, of a closed ecosystem will add up.

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Rude-ro56d ago

I have a 2080 super and a ryzen 7...
And no.
At 1080p on an ultra wide, I average 150fps and not at max settings.

Giblet_Head56d ago (Edited 56d ago )

3700x , 3800x or 3800xt? Cause even a 2060 with a 3700x averages around 100fps at native 1440p at the highest settings. May wanna check if DSR is on or take a look at your power settings.

Rude-ro56d ago

2080 super.
There is nothing on my pc other than the games I play.
Nvme with an ssd back up.
Over clocked my power because I can keep it cool as can be.

Max setting I go to about 80 fps with dips below that. Never consistent.

The only thing maxed is draw distance and character detail.
V-sync off
Film grain off
Motion blur off
1080p ultra wide monitor
On load screens, I can hit 400fps
Playing, nope. 150fps max probably averaging 110-ish

I did hit 200fps before beyond light dropped... but since the dlc, frames were hit bad on pc.
Of which is a listed and known fact per the twab every week as listed in the known issues.

Hopefully it will get fixed.
But as of right now, op is not correct.
Straight up lying or has it set to lowest setting across the board. It is not doing 120fps
Just saying.

Computersaysno56d ago

Pretty much, maybe a little more on the bottom end for the consoles.

1440p and 4K tests.

I mean 4K high settings on Destiny 2 was averaging 66FPS, this test is from mid 2017. The game is a bit faster now too.

These consoles better be able to at least match a now four and a half year old GTX1080 otherwise they should just quit right now.

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It would have been better to have a locked 1080p res @ 120FPS and without these features, removed motion blur, removed depth of field, those 2 I can't stand I turn them off in all games and also chromatic aberration which is crap. (Talking about PC). By running it at 1080p the other important features could have been included, draw distance, LOD transition distance & ambient occlusion. This would have been the best choice.

Father__Merrin55d ago

This game could have been so much more unfortunate you can run to the end of each level literally and not die unless you hit a no respawn checkpoint

bRuud8355d ago

I am playing the game on my good old PS4 and still really enjoying it. Load times are faster since the Beyond Light update.

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