PS5 won't support 1440p resolution, it's official

Bad news for all PC gamers interested in buying PS5. Apparently, the new console will not support 1440p resolution.

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lelo2play79d ago

That sucks!
So basically, if you have a 1080p/1440p monitor, Xbox Series S is enough.

crazyCoconuts79d ago

even at 1080p a PS5 DE for $100 is a way better buy

bouzebbal79d ago

No 1440p?? What does it support then?? I'm getting it for the games, but it's a disappointment still.. Still a long way before native 2160p..

TheProblem79d ago


Not... sure... if..... serious

SierraGuy79d ago

Inevitable incoming article "xbox series x now supports 1440p resolution"

Phil: "will somebody write the damn article...hurry up!"

Sonic-and-Crash78d ago

it supports the best games though ....and this is what it counts

ABizzel178d ago

They need to change that and quickly. It's going to become a standard resolution as the generation goes on, and games get more demanding for both consoles, and most games that re aiming for 120fps are 1440p in resolution. A simple firmware update should fix this.

xTonyMontana78d ago

While true, it's a huge kick in the teeth for many of us. Next gen imho PS5 and PC is the way to go with a little Switch on the side for those who still care for Nintendo games. Many of us who have invested in our PC setup will own 1440p monitors, most of the best ones are this resolution and having the option would have been nice.

4Sh0w78d ago

Who in their right mind is buying a XS s for next gen?....XSX is the way to go.

Zeref78d ago

For 100 dollars of course it would be 😂

Pretentious78d ago (Edited 78d ago )

@bouzebbal are you high? It will have native 4k. It just might not be native 4k AND 60 fps for a lot of the resource intensive titles. 99% of indies will be native 4k, guaranteed.

anubusgold76d ago


You are full of it 120+ fps with HDR and ray tracing with max detail will look and perform better at 1440P than 4k 60 they are going to have to hold back to make that crap work because they have already been doing that for years. To turn on all the bells and whistles for 4k developers are going to have to cut corners and maybe even drop back down to 30 fps again to make it work.

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Kaedro79d ago ShowReplies(5)
Jin_Sakai79d ago

“Sony: PS5 won't support native resolution of 1440p, a resolution that seems pretty irrelevant for most gamers“

Makes sense. Although it would be nice to have 1440p support the majority of gamers don’t use monitors.

--Onilink--79d ago

Its not just related to monitors though. Any hdmi 2.0 tv that has 120hz refresh rate will need to output at 1080p when using a 120fps mode rather than 1440p which is the actual bandwidth limit of 2.0

So its overall also a “loss” for anyone that was hoping to try out 120fps modes

gamerz79d ago

It's not just for 1440p monitors though. I game primarily on PC with a 4k tv that does 120hz and usually choose 1440p/120fps over 4k/60fps since the controls are more responsive and it's much smoother in motion.

Christopher78d ago (Edited 78d ago )

99.9% of true and not fake 120hz refresh rate TVs use HDMI 2.1.

Why are we acting like 2.0 is the standard for high refresh rate TVs which barely make up 1% of the current market as it is? It's not.

Now monitors are a point. But not for tvs.

Sirk7x78d ago

Truth. I'm trying to find a decent monitor for the Series X, and it's very difficult. Nothing HDMI 2.1 yet. And when there is, gonna be expensive as hell.

xTonyMontana78d ago

You mean the majority of console gamers. Most PC gamers use monitors.

Teflon0278d ago

You guys don't seem to realize The systems internal resolution on a TV would be 2160 and it would output a Upscaled 1440p if it's running the game at 1440p not cut the image to 1080p lol. It's kinda a non issue on TV's because it's not a normal internal resolutions for TVs anyways. If you're playing PC on it you have the TV res at 4k and put the game res at 1440 with full screen like the average person would do. Not sure what the issue is.

NOW if it's a monitor we're talking, most good ones that are affordable or worth the price are 1440p so that's a issue in this specific case. On a TV 1440p was never really an option anyways the Console will deal with resolution scaling

--Onilink--78d ago


No one is talking about the game’s resolution. Yes, the default output is 4k/60hz (regardless of the game’s resolution)

However if you want to use 120hz mode, it will automatically drop to 1080 instead of 4k (unless you have an hdmi 2.1 tv)

So it basically becomes the opposite of what you are saying, you could literally have a game running at 4k/120fps internally that the PS5 output would still be 1080.

Ideally if they support 1440p as a possible output resolution, if you use a game in 120hz mode, the resolution would drop to 1440p (the bandwidth limit of 2.0) instead of dropping all the way down to 1080p.

Its not like its a big deal, but it is a weird issue to have since there are plenty of other devices that support that resolution as well

anubusgold76d ago

@Jin_Sakai Lol you are joking right the best monitors are 1440P with HDR sony have lost their minds with this one . You all are going to have to buy a new TV a Sony tv thats what they are planning because only them and LG and Samsung have one that supports Hdmi 2.1 this is just a sony money grab.

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S2Killinit79d ago

Interesting so if your monitor is no good, everything else is irrelevant. Got it.

Binarycode79d ago

You won't be playing nextgen games on Series s at 1440p. Nice try though,lol.


notachance79d ago (Edited 79d ago )


I currently play my PC + PS4 Pro on gaming monitor, I'm near sighted so playing on tv would require me to use glasses and it's tiring to play for a long time that way
XBS can go to hell though, most people who plays on 1440p monitors will already have a PC beast enough they don't even need a series X.

not a launch window buy from me then I guess, gonna have to see the real life result first.

stevej33679d ago

@SierraGuy not needed, it already supports it now, will support it on the new Xbox too. Its dumb not to support it.

frostypants79d ago (Edited 79d ago )

If you play on a monitor you probably already have a PC. Or just buy a cheap PC.

lelo2play78d ago

Can you buy a cheap PC for 300€ that plays games as well as the Xbox Series S?

RazzerRedux78d ago

"Can you buy a cheap PC for 300€ that plays games as well as the Xbox Series S?"

No, but if you already have a PC then $300 in upgrades will probably make it vastly superior.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen78d ago (Edited 78d ago )


So if most games are running at 1800p or 2160p at 60fps you don't think that's good?

Because it's quite clear that most games will be running at least Dynamic 4K/60fps.

As for Series S, that thing is running games under 1080p and that's hardly what could be considered to be "Next Gen." It's like Microsoft decided to make a Xbox version of the Nintendo Switch about 4 years too late.

anubusgold76d ago

Rather have 165+ frame rates of 1440P with HDR 10 and 1ms response time like my monitor

DarXyde78d ago

It's unfortunate, but I'm not really surprised either. Sony has always been a little weird about resolution since PS3 with upscaling.

It would be great to see native support in the future, but I guess we'll see.

StoneyYoshi78d ago

Remember how if you switched to a different TV you needed to reset the video settings by holding the power button at boot for a double beep since the PS3 couldn't automatically switch to the supported resolution of the TV?

tontontam078d ago

yakuza is 900p on xbox series s. even during this current gen you would hear backlash when a game is 900p.

Weapon_of_choice78d ago

Can't play Demon Souls on an xbox S, to name just one😎

Weapon_of_choice78d ago

My LG Oled with hdmi 2.1 doesn't mind😎

East76lands78d ago

I have a samsung NU8000 120hz 4k tv, but it only has 2.0 hdmi slots. Where does this leave me?

KingofBandits78d ago

Given that XSX doesnt support native 4K for its OS interface I don't see the PS5 not supporting 1440p being a big deal. Honestly for me the janky upscaled 1080p OS with XSX on my 2160P TV is going to look way worse.

CaptainHenry91678d ago

As a PC gamer first that does suck. But then again I really won't be using my PS5 on a 1440p monitor

FernDiggidy78d ago


StoneyYoshi78d ago

Where is the quote from Sony "confirming" this with them? This article shows no quoted proof with Sony confirming this. Basically we are taking IGN Italy's word over seeing an official statement directly from Sony.

Not trying to damage control but we are seriously just going off of one websites claim that they were told it doesn't support 1440p?

Teflon0278d ago

If it's not there, it's probably legit what they're saying. But the thing is they could add it in an update possibly. Doubt it though, I feel they'd have done so with pro if that was the case

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darthv7279d ago

It may be something they can add post launch. What would be the benefit of blocking a resolution that the hardware can support?

crazyCoconuts79d ago

Not sure, but maybe they just haven't tested/enabled support for that resolution because TVs generally aren't sold at that resolution. Has anyone tried plugging a PS4 Pro into a 1440p monitor? I'd guess it would downscale the output to 1080p.

Nerdmaster79d ago

When plugged into a 1440p monitor, PS4 Pro outputs 1080p. So it appears a little blurry.
It doesn't even give us the option of 4K and letting the monitor downscale.

sagapo79d ago

@Nerdmaster: I can use the 4K option and get a downscale to 1440p. It was 1080p when I hooked it up. Looked kinda blurry indeed, but I was able to change it, looks way better. I have an LG 27GN850. Maybe your HDMI cable isn’t compatible with 4k signal?

Teflon0278d ago


I see the culture in your monitor choice wise one *nods*

tontontam079d ago

My 1440p monitor receives 4k signals then output it as 1440p.

tontontam079d ago

lol why am I getting downvotes, I'm just saying something about the monitor I have which just happens to have a feature like this. hahha n4g is full of clowns hahaha.

crazyCoconuts79d ago

That makes sense. I would think that'll work just fine

crazyCoconuts79d ago

That also explains why we haven't heard people complain about this with their Pro. It's probably a non issue

Lamusiqa78d ago

I think the major issue here would be 120fps support. Your monitor is very likely unable to accept 4K 120Hz signal due to lack of HDMI 2.1 so for 120fps games, you're going to be stuck with 1080p 120Hz.

DonDon300078d ago

What monitor are you using?

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Vanfernal79d ago

I think it's a matter of making the games easier to optimize. I imagine developers can test out the games and get the intended results more effectively if they have to worry about 2 resolutions instead of the odd ones in between. For the most part consoles are hooked up to a TV which will run at either 1080p or 4k.

78d ago
Shuckylad78d ago

Because Sony corporation doesn’t sell any tv’s/monitors native 1440p

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Mithan79d ago (Edited 79d ago )

This sucks. 1440p is a nice sweet spot for monitors vs performance, and would have been a great feature to have on the PS5. Personally, I wanted to hook the PS5 to my PC's monitor and swap between them, now I can't. (I don't like it upscaling from 1080p).

Some monitors will accept 4k and downscale to 1440p which is better than 1080p up to 1440p but it would have been nice for native resolution support.

Gridknac79d ago

Everybody talking about monitors being the only thing that runs 1440p are confusing me. Every 4k tv I have hooked to can run 1440p. And it is a an optimal resolution to run demanding games at. It makes no damn sense that Sony would not support it. I own ps4 pro, an x1x, and and i7 1080ti rig. They all will output 1440p on samsung, vizo, and lg 4k tvs I have around the house.

Axecution79d ago (Edited 79d ago )


I think you're confused my dude.
PS4 Pro games can be rendered at 1440p but the output of the console is either gonna be 1080p or 4k. No way to output 1440p on the PS4 Pro or the PS5.

This will be an issue when PS5 comes out because most high refresh gaming monitors are 1440p - and these consoles are flexing 120fps. So you plug your PS5 into your expensive 1440p/144hz monitor expecting 1440p/120 and you get a blurry 1080p signal. I actually had this issue playing PS4 on my 1440 monitor for a gaming party lol its so dumb. It looks terrible and im sure its just a software patch. They really gotta fix that.

Silly gameAr79d ago

Ok? People brag so much about true 4k on here, does it matter? I'd better not see someone that was whining about 4k on here thats mad about not having 1440p, because you DESERVE to get called out. That's some clownish shit.

King_Noctis79d ago

Calm down dude. This is just news to let people who own 1440p monitor know ahead of the console’s release.

Silly gameAr79d ago (Edited 79d ago )

Calm down? Didn't realize that I was going insane. Just making an observation. Don't act like I'm crazy for calling out people that have said this for months, and going batshit about it lol. If anything, you should call out the people that scream about "4K or it's not next gen!" I see those guys everywhere.

Tacoboto78d ago

You're calling out people in a gaming news website over monitor resolution support. That isn't something to really boast about...

Zeref78d ago (Edited 78d ago )

Most games that support 120fps do so at 1440p.

So you'll be stuck at a lower resolution for those games.

Edgelordsupreme78d ago

"I see those guys everywhere"

Okay deary.

CaptainObvious87876d ago

Perhaps I should have been more clear in my sarcasm.

When I say "cancelled by twitter", I'm inferring that many petulant, sjw children use twitter and they are always finding ways to be offended by video games. Here's one example.

Also, good job on sending me a PM then immediately blocking me. Really says a lot about you.

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_LarZen_79d ago

That sucks for the millions with 1440p monitors.

NomadR3aper79d ago

They could join the millions with 4k TVs. If I buy a console it's for a TV not a computer monitor.

Sieg79d ago

Not everyone have space for TV. Some just have enough for a 27" panel. 1440p is the sweet spot on pc especially with high refresh. Even professional development workflow can be benefited from high resolution.

Having a console with option for many resolutions is beneficial for everybody even if you don't use them.

frostypants79d ago (Edited 79d ago )

@Sieg I think the point is while those people exist, it likely isn't a significant market segment. I still would wager they address this in an OS update.