Feature: 5 PS4 Exclusives You Need to Play on PS5

PP: Not every PS4 exclusive has been given the next-gen treatment, mind you, and the updates for some have been more subtle than others. We've given the cream of the crop a go and decided that the games listed here are the ones you absolutely must try on PS5.

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DEEBO76d ago

I got almost all those games,only killzone is missing.

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InUrFoxHole75d ago

You're not missing killzone. Trust me.

SullysCigar75d ago

I liked it and it's gorgeous even now.

Dragonscale75d ago

Its actually pretty good for a launch game and crapped on xbones meagre launch line up.

ChickenOfTheCaveMan74d ago

I disagree, it does not follow directly KZ3 which many would have wanted because it ended with a cliffhanger from what I can remember but it's still a really good game.

Sokol74d ago

Killzone was fantastic, single player was great even today and I have just over 100 hours with online portion.

Still a great game today.

bu3ouf9174d ago

I disagree I liked Killzone I swear it was a good story to end and also it has multiplayer not the best fps but it has its own style

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BenRC0175d ago

Kill zone is great, really interesting story and level design, still looks good even now.

InUrFoxHole74d ago

Thought it was horrible. But I'm comparing it to kz3

Fluke_Skywalker74d ago

It definitely wasn't as good from a story point of view as the first 3 games but it was still a brilliant game. And still better looking than most games.

Sayai jin74d ago (Edited 74d ago )

I enjoyed the previous Killzones, but last gen's felt like a chore to complete at thr half way point. I wish Sony would do another Resistance. One of my favorite shooters.

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masterfox75d ago (Edited 75d ago )

Adding 60 fps to Playstation exclusives is like a total new experience in the PS5, the games already look unmatched by any other game and adding this setting is something to behold(PS5 is freaking GPU powerhouse!), Killzone Shadowfall I have it since day one (disc version) and is so effing impressive running like this alongside all those details/effects!, the mountain segment and the part when building blows up, the firefight after wards looks insane! seriously this games so ahead of its time!, Tsushima words can´t describe how stunning it looks in 60 fps, the last guardian in 60 fps looks so nice(Disc version-unpatched only atm).

outsider162475d ago

Regarding the last guardian..any way we can get 60 fps from the digital edition.

masterfox75d ago (Edited 75d ago )

Not sure but you can try if you already have it digital is to delete it and download it again and check afterwards if an update is downloading at the same time so the update you can pause it, this is just a crazy idea, also in most PS4 games when the download reaches like 30% I think you will be able to boot it, here you can check if it runs 60 fps, if not so then the game is downloading already pre-patched. Or finally get a disc version. :D

outsider162474d ago

Yeah i think i gotta have the disc version. It downloads along the patch for it too. It sucks

Ausbo75d ago

What games are running at 60 now? I want to go back and check them out

masterfox75d ago

besides the video showing 60 fps PS4 exclusives, Second Son also runs at 60 fps and it looks freaking gorgeous it can easily be mistaken by a Next gen game, seeing all those lightning effects, destruction ,lots of details, the ambient effects in the horizon, smoke effects in 60 fps is something beautiful.

Majin-vegeta75d ago

Do the games have to be installed directly on the PS5 HW or can I run them off my external HD?

kenpachi75d ago

Did they fix the issue with the external drives for ps5 or does it still crash

masterfox75d ago

At this moment if I remember correctly at least for me I only had a few crashes with Cyberpunk 2077 using the external and I being using it alot!

elazz75d ago

Issue was fixed within 7 to 10 days off release with the second firmware update. I am using external drive, with console in rest since the day I got it (with firmware update 2 installed) and never had any drive or boot related issues..

masterfox75d ago

You can run them from your external HDD, all my PS4 games running from a Seagate 4TB STEA4000400, currently more than a TB used and all PS4 games run flawlesly with the enhancements and loads way faster then my PS4 pro console too.

CaptainHenry91675d ago

Wow a Seagate 4TB STEA4000400? That's an old drive but it's good to know it works flawlessly. So Sony did fix the issue with the external drives?

masterfox75d ago (Edited 75d ago )


I did a bit of digging what would be the best drive for the PS4 and found out about this drive from even DigitalFoundry member :

Did a bit more research(read lots of comments) and I end up buying it and also I think the price is very good, and so far has been great and very accurate to the information mentioned in the link from Eurogamer, very impressed how fast it is loading games in the PS5. :D

ssj2775d ago

A killzone warzone now that will be epic

Nofamboyism75d ago

I tried god of war but it looked a little washed out. i really wanted to play if again but it honestly looked better on my ps4 pro. All the others look fine. So i find it weird.

gameboyz_manifesto74d ago

It's not actually updated for PS5 in that way. 60fps on 1080p :(

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