Kratos in Fortnite is Not the Kratos We Know and Love

Kratos in Fortnite is… a strange combination.

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Mr Pumblechook49d ago

Having seen various video clips of Kratos doing TikTok dances in Fortnite this headline cracked me up!

Army_of_Darkness49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

🤣🤣🤣 Omg man, what have they done to you KRATOS!
That cat dance was f*#king hilarious

Abnor_Mal49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

Damn, that was so disrespectful to do Kratos like that?

Not like this, not like this.

Storm2349d ago

Would have been great for him to be in the game but anytime someone tries a ridiculous emote, he just shook his head no or got pissed

rlow149d ago

Lol, that's great. He really needs to loosen up anyways.

AnotherGamer49d ago

People are taking this way too deep.

CrimsonWing6949d ago

It’s not enough to get me to play Fortnite.

SullysCigar49d ago

lol you know it's bad when even Kratos can't convince us!

Rocketisleague49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

What's wrong with fortnite? It's good fun with friends

Don't get at all. It's pretty good. Is it ca,use it's popular?

instantstupor49d ago

Because plenty of people just don't like competitive shooter typed games.

Kratos, a stalwart of the single-player game territory, coming to Fornite is a bit weird - especially when you can defile his "character" as seen in the video above lol. But it wouldn't be enough for those of us who can't really stand games like Fornite. Different strokes and all that.

Rocketisleague49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

Guess that makes sense, you don't like competitively gaming I guess.

Lol, someone mentioned something similar to me about rocket league the other day, called me a hipster. Seems more like the competitive scene that the single player scene. Anyway, I like both.

Bahamut-Shin49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

I am a average to mediocre in FPS so I get kileed quite fast, I would rather not play a game where I spam get killed and have to wait 2 minutes before a new game, specaially if my 2 options are hide for 10 minutes or get killed in 1.

instantstupor47d ago

I like some competitive games - I enjoy your namesake quite a lot. I put probably 500 hours into Rocket League and still go back for bursts now and again. I play a handful of others as well, but competitive multiplayer doesn't tend to be my primary focus and, when it is, it doesn't tend to be shooters.

My friend bought me Fortnite back in the day when it was just the "Save the World" mode. I enjoyed that with him for a while, but never managed to get into the battle royale mode. And I think there is a bit of the "scene" of Fortnite that kind of adds to the dislike a bit. I think part of it is the fact it is basically an advertising machine as much as it is a game which puts me off it more, but not sure I can exactly pinpoint it.

Not that any of this matters. Just figured I had the time, so why not expound on why I - and perhaps others - wouldn't be into this game with a little more nuance than just not liking "competitive shooter typed games" :-)

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Juancho5149d ago

Makes me hat fort nite even more to be honest. I hate that they did this to Kratos, what a travesty.

Rude-ro49d ago

It is not. Fortnite is becoming the advertising of games and other entertainment.

Now, if the next god of war is effected by trying to go friendlier to all ages... then I would hate the direction for sure.
But kratos/god of war is a system seller... and this would/will have an effect per sales of the console for the game.

It is just like a Mario fighting game etc where they have done the same thing for years by bringing character from all over together.

fsfsxii49d ago

its just a fictional character lmao chill out

kingPoS49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

Would you say the same if it were Master Chief or Samus?

Gateway MT6706 2008

instantstupor49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

You kind of have to hate Sony a little then - it's not like Epic was able to insert Kratos without acceptance with Sony. They both did it as essentially advertising, and Sony was cool with Kratos doing kitty claws and backpack kid dances.

On the face of it, it is kind of funny. But the fact this was a business deal crossover, rather than creators doing it for other creators or for fan interest in a crossover...kinda makes it feel grimier than anything else.

Teflon0249d ago

You think this is a issue. Hope you never run into a video of VR chat where someone's using a kratos model lol.

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