Godfall Review - Pretty and Boring | Twinfinite

Author writes: “Unless you’re really itching to play a brand new looter game, you can probably give this one a pass.”

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Nicknasty57d ago

Seriously, it’s the most played game on my PS5 right now and I haven’t even touched the online part. I think it’s definitely the prettiest game on the console! I like the world, the enemies and the fighting. I find it much more enjoyable than Demons Souls, which I also have and is getting high praise. Drab colorless world with a very unfair difficulty.

What’s so fun about investing an hour or 2 in a game, just to get killed and sent back all the way to the start of the level, to have to fight and replay everything over again? That’s not fun, that’s lame and repetitive! Can’t really understand it, I think that game is highly overrated.