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darthv72178d ago

Love me some lego games. I got Batman 2 from gold and will get DC villains from +

monkey602177d ago

They are usually quite enjoyable. I had thought about getting one of the Lego Avengers games to see if my son would take to it but I'll give this one a shot instead

Dirtnapstor177d ago

Yes! And if you jump over to the PS store right now, the season pass for DC villains is on sale for $3.00. Take advantage!

LiViNgLeGaCY177d ago

I thought they were going to start handing out VR games every month. Was that just a one time thing?

BrainSyphoned177d ago (Edited 177d ago )

"Continuing from last month and as part of PS VR’s 5th anniversary. "

Just an aniversary thing.

Relientk77177d ago

No way, I am so shocked that these are the PS+ games. They have not been leaked like 5 times already.

MoonConquistador177d ago

I know, but imagine a future where we don't get an article thinking what they might be, followed by a rumour leaking what they are going to be followed by confirmation from Sony that indeed that's what you're getting.

All the leaks do is allow people to complain about the content a little earlier. It's laughable.

GhostofHorizon177d ago

Was looking forward to Godfall but reading up on what the Challenger Edition actually is making me wonder how anyone could approve that and think it's something acceptable to put out.

monkey602177d ago

Sales tactic is all.

I was close to buying GodFall over the sales through November but held out. Then decided not to when the PSplus leak came out.
Honestly I won't ever give them a penny now. Seems childish maybe but I'll just use my money elsewhere, there's still plenty of choice on the market and I won't support this stupidity.

GhostofHorizon177d ago

I understand why they would do it but something like this usually goes up for free to everyone, not as a part of a service.

Just makes both Gearbox and Sony look bad, not to mention gives their fans the short end of the stick.

Literally nobody wins in this interaction.

Lexreborn2177d ago

They put out multiplayer only content all the time with only a few modes. Fortnite, CoD, halo multiplayer, splitgate, apec legends. Why single out Godfall?

GhostofHorizon177d ago (Edited 177d ago )

I think the difference for me in this case is that it's a PS Plus game and they are just giving me a demo instead of an actual game

If this was just on the PS store I would be fine with it, people have more choice, fantastic. As is stands right now, it's just a demo to get me to buy the rest of the game.

They had a perfect opportunity here to give out the full game and then get you hooked for the DLC and future content.

KillBill177d ago

@Nakiro ain't wrong. The idea of basically a demo being the FREE offering is a bit shady at best.

Lexreborn2177d ago

The problem with that theory is, this isn’t a demo. The three modes they give is the endgame grind. The towers are chalked with challenges. The dream stone modes are full on boss rush. You can unlock all suits and you get to play light bringer.

If you played Godfall you’d know a lot of the story is just fluff. They are actually doing you a favor letting you jump straight into co-op and letting you unlock and customize off the jump.

And if you want the dlc as far as I can tell you can buy it. This is a great entry to get people in that didn’t play before which is apparently a lot.

So how about actually try it instead of knock it?

dbcoops177d ago

People have done nothing but claim the story is shit, this just allows people to play the end game content without dealing with the story people claim to hate anyway. Now all of sudden people are upset they can't play the story, gotta love the gaming community. That's a general comment not necessarily aimed at you so don't get mad.

GhostofHorizon177d ago

I don't know about that. I'm not sure I'm buying that Gearbox was nice enough to take out the story to spare my feelings from being hurt because a certain portion of their players weren't too fond of it.

As opposed to them creating this (which they had to actively put in extra time and work to produce) in order to get you to buy the Delux version of the game.

People are going to be upset about the story regardles of what they put out because you simply can't please everyone but they are not even giving me a chance to enjoy it without paying. Not only are the people that hated the story still going to be upset but now you lost the people that might have enjoyed it as well.

This would have been a great addition to the Plus lineup to get people excited about their DLC and future content but as it stands right now, I will not even be trying out the game.

dbcoops177d ago


Well I guess at the end of the day Gearbox isn't obligated to give us anything at all. Its free so seems like on odd hill to die on but its your choice if you don't want to play it as some sort of protest.

GhostofHorizon177d ago

It's not free, it's part of the service that promises to give you 3 games each month. Right now there are 2 games and a demo. This sets a precedent where it's now fine to put a demo on Plus and count it as a full game.

You shouldn't just roll over and accept it since it's Godfall because next time it might happen with a game that actually has a good story.

dbcoops177d ago


"It's not free"

Oh we're still doing that, lol ok.

"might happen with a game that actually has a good story"

Highly doubt it.

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