Sony Germany Accidentally Leaks December PS Plus Free Games

PlayStation Germany has leaked the PlayStation Plus December 2021 list of games ahead of its official reveal in early December.

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dbcoops51d ago

Didn't we already get a rumor article for these?

GhostofHorizon51d ago

Yeah, Spain also "leaked" the games so it's pretty much confirmed at this point.

bouzebbal50d ago

So weird the ps+ lineup leaks every single month

excaliburps51d ago

Weird how Sony just doesn't announce these when they get leaked. Like, they are pretty much leaked every month.

EvertonFC51d ago

Yep like a week late haha

boing151d ago (Edited 51d ago )

Great lineup tbh. I was eyeing Godfall for a while but never pulled the trigger. Mortal Shell is nice too , and my kid loves all things Lego. Santa is starting early this year.

EvertonFC51d ago

Godfall is actually pretty good, its the gaming fannies at launch which hated on it even though they said they ONLY played about 2 hours of it.

boing151d ago

I love melee combat games but never got around to buy it and play it. Great to hear it's good.

TheSinsibleOne51d ago

Sadly you won't be playing it for long. It's a freaking Demo! Wooooow....

InUrFoxHole50d ago

Solid line up for sure! Excellent for gamers 👏

pr33k3351d ago

good lineup, especially godfall if you havent tried it.

ThePacemaker51d ago (Edited 51d ago )

Mortal shell is a pretty good game, especially for Souls fans. It would be nicer if they included the PS5 remastered version though.

foker51d ago

maybe free update will work with PS+ version,..

Daeloki50d ago

Unlikely, didn't work with FFVII-R at least. And if it would, then they might as well have the PS5 version included to begin with :/

Lionsguard51d ago

I just bought Mortal Shell a month ago...

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The story is too old to be commented.