Raiden not playable in MGS4, and that's not all

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots will not feature Raiden as a playable character, director Hideo Kojima has confirmed. However, the flopsy-haired agent everyone loves to hate will "play an active role in the story," says Kojima, and we can "expect to learn the reason behind [Raiden's] character design through the course of MGS4's story."

Kojima revealed this info during a staged interview with Show Maybe?, a Konami-created spoof version of the daily newsletter produced for and circulated at last month's E3 show (be sure to check out the online version of it). He also fleshed out the plot of his latest masterpiece. MGS4 is set five to 10 years in the future, where "all of the weapons and war zones are controlled by nanotechnology" and the business of war has been taken over by "private military companies."

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Kekkei genkai Kid6196d ago

the stuff he does looks like similar to devil may cry

where as mgs is more real with a combat system like cqc (close quarters combat)

im thinking raiden might just get his own game a mgs branch extension like metal gear acid

sonyISgod6196d ago

I think your theory might just come true, by looking at his cool make over and fighting style.


the business of war has been taken over by "private military companies."

this is already happening.

PS3 Owns All6196d ago

Metal Gear Solid 4 Raiden! or maybe Metal Gear Solid 4: Subsistance!

PS360PCROCKS6196d ago

huh, these are awesome games, one of the best

THE TRUTH6196d ago

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this story has 4 cool and 6 lame but only 6 post.................... that is just sad

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