PlayStation Fans So Desperate for PS5 Stock They Brought Their Beds to GameStop

A fresh batch of PS5 stock was promised in-store at GameStop this Black Friday, and a couple of PlayStation fans were so desperate to get their hands on the next-gen console, they brought their beds and slept outside their local store for 24 hours.

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Jin_Sakai59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

Not only did they bring beds they drove to 11 different GameStop’s to find the shortest line. PS5 demand is incredible.

neutralgamer199259d ago

i just hope they are buying to leep and not to sell for $1500. Almost all GS had 2 coming in

mikeslemonade59d ago

Just pay extra $250 instead of doing all that work and waiting.

SmokinAces59d ago

Pretty sure anyone willing to go to this extend wants to keep it, scalpers aren't bothering to camp out in front of stores they dont need to they're using bots to buy them in bulk online.

Seraphim58d ago

I seen earlier an update and it showed each of the two people with 2 PS5s so.... hopefully they bought an extra one for their friends. But like online, why isn't there a limit of one per?

I've had my sister working hard trying to secure a PS5 for me while I've also been working on it. If we ended up getting lucky enough to get one I have a friend lined up to buy the second unit. I sleep all day so she's checking every 30 minutes during the day and also trying anytime Walmart posts any but we all know how that's gone. I'm constantly refreshing at least 5 retailers from evening to morning every night. Needless to say so far I can't even get my hands on one. When my dad told me Meijer was posting some Thanksgiving night I thought perfect. My estimated Q time fell right around midnight and sure enough I got in at 12:07. Loaded a white screen and couldn't even shop. Heard they kept pushing the time back. I couldn't even get back in Q for over an hour when I gave up. Checked again at 4:00am and there were 452k in Q. Checked back 9 minutes later. Q still had 452k but it said PS5 sold out. I dam near drove 80 miles North to try gamestop Thursday night but being a college town I thought there's now way. There were probably already people lined up waiting to scalp them.

I've been a gamer since Atari 2600 and had every Playstation launch month with 3 of the 4 being launch day. The way it's looked to date I honestly don't see myself obtaining a PS5 this year. it's flat out silly the situation we're seeing with online only, bots, scalpers, etc. I'm one more listing away from just giving up and sticking with my PS4 for another 6 months. Not like I don't have a few games I still need to play along with others I probably should play or buy.

mikeslemonade58d ago

^ just pay $250... extra. 2 days of that work would equal $250 of work already. Why drive 80 miles..?

Buy on Facebook marketplace, not eBay. The local sellers aren’t able to sell for that much. I’ve seen as low as $700.

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TheEroica59d ago ShowReplies(2)
Sayai jin59d ago

Hot item. I remember people driving across the country to get a tickle me Elmo.

Yppupdam59d ago

Yes, my friend, I remember those days as well, But, it pales in comparison to the dreaded cabbage patch Riots of 1983. Gamers are lightweights compared to those insane Parents thirst for fabric and plastic....

Army_of_Darkness59d ago

Naw... I don't find these gamers "light weight" at all. More extreme hardcore than anything I can't see parents camping out and sleeping in line to get a toy for their child.

Yppupdam58d ago

@Army_of_Darkness, Those "Parents" were fist fighting each other for a DOLL, man! Threatening each other with baseball bats! When I say "riot" I mean actual Riots...for a doll. Those people sleeping in front of the store have nothing on them.

Darthpaul8459d ago

The people in the beds wanted a Xbox or PlayStation

59d ago
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lodossrage59d ago

Ok people need to stop, seriously.

I'm a playstation fan too. I want a ps5 too. But this is going too far.

Actions like these symbolize why companies keep fleecing people. Video game companies KNOW people are slaves to games. Stuff like this proves it.

I want Sony to succeed. But if people turning into sheep is the result of success in gaming, we all need to reevaluate what's important.

Jin_Sakai59d ago

It’s always been this way for electronics with extremely high demand. Nothings going to change.

SyntheticForm59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

That doesn't change the fact that setting up an actual bed in public outside of a strip mall is insane. Waiting in a line I get, but setting up a bed outside an establishment is just plain nuts.

High demand, fine. It's still crazy.

ABizzel159d ago

He just wanted to wait comfortably 🤣🤣🤣.

I’ve waited one time as a kid when the PS3 was launching and it was SUPER cold and I hate the cold to begin with. I had a huge coat, gloves, winter hat, 2 layers of clothes, a lounge chair, and a blanket and it still wasn’t enough to stop the cold, and I was extremely uncomfortable after sitting there for nearly 24 hours in a cheap lounge chair.

I don’t see anything wrong with someone trying to make the best of what is often an awkward and tiring situation to begin with. People bring tents, he doesn’t have one so he brought an air mattress 😂.

potatoseal59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

Man shut it. This doesn't mean they're sheep you dolt. It means they want a PS5 badly. They wantesd to secure their place in the line because they didn't want to miss out... AGAIN.

59d ago
RememberThe35759d ago

It's like these people were born yesterday. How do they already have such arrogant opinions? 😂

This is literally what every other "block buster" event has looked like for the last 50 years, how is any of this surprising or being judged at this point. People were literally getting murdered over PS3s, but sleeping ina bed for some funny imagery is really where society hit the down turn 🤣 people are judgmental af.

Next they're gonna go off about how materialistic Black Friday is.

CrimsonWing6959d ago

Just let them have this. It’s not like they’re hurting anyone.

SullysCigar59d ago

Well said. If they come out of this with a PS5, those that mocked them and are still without one should at least acknowledge their resolve! Assuming they have the time, and they're not breaking any rules, why not I say? :^)

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S2Killinit59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

I say, as long as they are enjoying it and having fun, let them, but if this is some sort of act of desperation alone then its sad that they are doing it but still their right to spend their time how they wish.

SyntheticForm59d ago

Spending their time how they wish?


I'd say "Let that sink in" but apparently it's futile here.

S2Killinit59d ago

Have you never camped out for a shared cause? Its fun.

ZeroBlue259d ago

I think that ship has sailed long ago, and it didn't start with gaming. There is no concept of "what's important" anymore, unfortunately.

Thatgrammar59d ago

“There is no concept of ‘what’s important’ anymore.” Wouldn’t there have to be a concept of “what’s important” for you to even be able to point out the concept of “what’s important?”

Silly gameAr59d ago

I don't think they're doing this because they're "sheep", they're doing this because they want a PS5. I doubt those people are reading your preachy comment, because they're to busy out trying to get PS5s.

notachance59d ago

not just gaming man, you would not believe how many days people wait in line for things like concert or sport match tickets, even some books like harry potter on its peak fame made people wait in line for days

ClayRules201259d ago (Edited 59d ago )

Yeah, I remember some friends of mine who waited in line for days on the last HP book to be released, the idea behind it was silly to me. There’s no materialistic thing I personally desire that much that I’d wait outside or inside of a building for inline. I understand they’re not hurting anyone, and are just extremely excited, and that’s fine. But I’d rather live in the present living, and doing other things with my life and let time pass by and when that moment comes that I can buy and get that item, wonderful. But they all were safe, had a good time and made some fellow HP friends and had good conversations with fellow fans looking forward to that last book. All good in the end.

isarai59d ago

Maybe it wasn't purely about getting a PS5, but also just having the time to do something crazy just for the memory and life experience. I mean what's more interesting, saying you refreshed a webpage a bunch only to end up waiting till they were available later. Or saying how you set up your whole damn mattress and slept outside a gamestop and actually got yours?

TheColbertinator59d ago

Been happening for years. You should see some of the lines for the new iphone or concert tickets.

Knightofelemia59d ago (Edited 59d ago )


How is it to far people have been camping in front of stores to for a long time to grab that new console they did it with PS3 and XB360. It's no different then people standing in front of a friggin all day to grab a game I did that with a few launches of COD. I seen it where people have literally brought a tv and a console and played COD to kill time for the midnight launch of a game. Hell there were people who would stand in a line for the XB360 and just smashed it in front of people check out Youtube. People will also camp in line just to grab the latest iphone.

Golfcoachh59d ago

I remember sitting outside best buy when the 360 launched. We had tents, a card table, played cards, drank beer and smoked cigars. Others had projectors and played halo on their original xbox's. It was an absolute blast. Sometimes its the enjoyment and not about proving a point.

Weapon_of_choice59d ago

Shut up, I want my PS5 and I want it now.

oof678159d ago

People turn themselves into sheep.

kayoss59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

You just moved to America? Have you not seen Black Fridays and how crazy people could be? Companies are not “fleecing” us. People camp out because they chose to and this just means that they want it more than anyone else.

DarXyde58d ago

I think you're misrepresenting what's going on. I see actions like this and I don't view this as the embodiment of why companies fleece people. It's not because of profound interest in a product; that is the case every generation. Fleecing tends to occur when a company lets off the gas with their offerings and consumer trends are still strong. I don't see this as the case with PS5—in fact, this is the most ambitious I've ever seen Sony.

Perhaps we should approach this excitement from the context of what 2020 has brought us. There is extreme global unrest amid a pandemic, social division, lost family members, lost jobs, and growing poverty. I look at this and I see that people are looking for a win this year. Not a "best worst" or "good enough" situation. An outright win. The scalpers may well overwhelmingly be people who are really falling into poverty and are trying to keep themselves afloat. Bear in mind that this level of scalping seems wildly unprecedented. I would be curious to see scalping patterns if (a) wages were nationalized in the US or (b) PS5 and Xbox Series launched outside of a pandemic context. I don't condone what they're doing, but we really don't know the intent of these people bringing their beds and lining up.

I think we can all agree that this year has NOT been normal. For many people, a shiny new console is the way to cope with this madness. For others, it's an opportunity to scalp some poor bastard. I don't know what's in their hearts, but c'mon. I don't believe people are turning into sheep. I think they are just desperate for a sense of normalcy, and they'll do something bizarre like this if the outcome is something pleasant or comparatively normal.

Sitdown58d ago

It's an air mattress, not that serious.

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PaleMoonDeath59d ago

People need to relax, I understand some parents are a little anxious to get one for their kids Christmas etc, but they will be in stock eventually. I reckon stores alone should sell them, not online, scalper kryptonite.

SullysCigar59d ago

I agree, but some countries/regions are still locking down non-essential stores at the moment.

Spartacus1059d ago

But it takes twice as long to get one if every shop keeps giving each customer 2 each.

Silly Mammo59d ago

Yep! It's not like you didn't get tickets to the sold-out concert. PS5 will eventually be available for anyone who wants to buy one.

Sitdown58d ago

But people want them for Christmas, I think that's the point you all are missing.

Neo11159d ago

Also - probably it's better to wait for version with lower clocks and without artifacts:

Unknown_Gamer579459d ago

Yep, and that’s why I’m waiting for mine. I really want a PS5, but it’s not as if I can’t wait for the new release madness to come to an end. It will come to an end eventually. In the meantime I’ll grab some popcorn and enjoy finding out about the great lengths people will go to for one. If nothing else, I have to admire dedication like we’ve seen here.

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medman59d ago

I have never, nor would I ever, go to these lengths to buy any product, but I understand the demand. It's unfortunate that many people who really want the consoles/graphics cards won't be able to get them for many months to come.

Blade9259d ago (Edited 59d ago )

Just let people have this man. Besides people camping for a hot ticket item, that's nothing really new .

medman59d ago

Oh, I'm letting them have it. I'm saying I wants no parts of it, lol.