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Dave writes: "At first glance, XIII looks like a video game. It has graphics, sounds come out of the speakers, and a character moves when you touch the pad. But sit down to play it, and you’ll realise that it’s held together with sticky tape and paper clips, collapsing into scraps when you play for more than five minutes."

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fitofficial55d ago

The original was incredibly mediocre. Not sure why anyone expected more out of this.

maelstromb55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

My thoughts exactly. Somehow I've heard people from all corners of the internet proclaiming XIII as some beloved title that went on to gain "cult status" ... all along, I'm asking myself - did I miss something when I played this game many years ago?? It was very mediocre at best. Cool cell-shaded, graphic novel aesthetics, and David Duchovny's voice work encompass about all it had going for it. Nostalgia can be a mischievous visitor.

shabz66655d ago

look i played it when i was 12 yrs old , and i was dumb and had no concept of quality and I had a great time playing it with ignorance, while I agree with you, and you are objectively correct , subjectively you are wrong sir, my rosey nostalgia glasses fit me well and this new 13 remaster is an affront to my memory.

Profchaos55d ago

Yeah from memory I enjoyed the first level but that was about it. When I heard it was getting the remaster treatment I was like why but I figured it must have a cult following how much of that was made up by the publisher though

LucasRuinedChildhood54d ago (Edited 54d ago )

Regardless of your opinion on the original, the reason that this game is getting terrible reviews is because of the quality of the remake, not the original game.

It can't be understated that the remake is a complete disaster (one of the worst video-game remakes ever) and barely works.

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Garethvk55d ago

They put out a patch and it is still unplayable.

Profchaos55d ago

Stealth dropping your last generation game on launch day for next gen consoles is a garunteed way to stay under the rader and hardcore fans claiming it sucks will be drowned out by next gen talk.

PitbullMonster54d ago

At least on ps5 it has way less tearing and runs stable at 60fps.

mastershredder54d ago

Why did they do this again? I remember the original being free as a bonus on many PC mag cds/dvd back in the day after it bombed on release. It was barley teetering on un-playable. All of XIII’s “charm” was lost or unrecognizable in that mess. Some things never change.

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