Visage Review (Xbox) - Manifest Evil | Finger Guns

Greg @ FG: Terrifying and unnerving, the only drawback to Visage is the lack of polish and odd handling issue. The Finger Guns review.

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SullysCigar58d ago

Grabbing this on PlayStation, but I won't play until the VR patch lands! Been looking forward to this one...

alextdarling58d ago

Hoping this'll come to next-gen consoles, if so im going to hold out before buying.

SullysCigar58d ago

Same, I'm kinda hoping that any PS4/XB1 games releasing at the moment will at least have unlocked frame rates and/or dynamic resolutions so that we all can see a proper boost from our new consoles outside of the normal benefits.

Knightofelemia58d ago

Been watching this game for a while it looks good and I love watching the speed runs on it I'll just wait for it to come on sale before I snag it.