Why I Love Kingdom Hearts 2

BY KAVAN MCDAID: The Kingdom Hearts series has always been special to me since my childhood. A classic RPG with a simple message for those viewing the world through a dark lens; “Kingdom Hearts is light”.

My first introduction to Kingdom Hearts was during a sleepover at a friend’s house where we played the first game together. Being young at the time I wasn’t really able to quite grasp the controls and what exactly was going on but I loved the aesthetic of traverse town and Sora as a character. Then one fateful day afterwards, I saw it, Kingdom Hearts 2 for PS2. I got home, put it in the disk tray and started on my magical journey. With a very little idea about what to expect next, I was blown away that the title sequence alone.

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FinalFantasyFanatic11d ago

Between KH1/2/3, KH2 is where the series peaked, it's all downhill from there onwards.

princejb13410d ago

I Agree, I didn’t play kh3 but played all the other games even the ones on the ds and psp and what a mess. The story went downhill after 2 and so confusing

Viking_mo11d ago

After having to wait for kingdom hearts 3 for so many years, it's such a shame the game was a let down. The DLC confused the story even more. Kingdom hearts 2 will always be number one

GoodGuy0911d ago

1+2 were the only kh games in my book. Forget all those other complicated and inferior entries lol.