The Best PS2 RPGs of All Time

IGN: "Our picks for the ten best role-playing games on the PlayStation 2."

Knightofelemia919d ago (Edited 919d ago )

Missing one of my favorite RPG's on the PS2 and that is the Xenosaga trilogy that one always seems to get the short end of the stick. I wish Namco would get off their ass and remaster the franchise I love that franchise trilogy to death I would buy it day one if Namco remastered it.

gold_drake919d ago

u no, i just started playing it and just beat the first one and damn... this is "CUTSCENE the game"
there's just too many amd they are so damn long too. the story js overly complicated too lol
music is non existent beside the boss and random battle music.
the battles.. the difficulty is a random mess lol. and they're broken once u have a certain attack.
the second one i just started and its better yes, but i dont like shions model at all.

they're not bad games, but damn. u need some time to patience to finish them.

Knightofelemia918d ago (Edited 918d ago )

Xenosaga 2 they changed the character model fans got in an uproar about it and Xenosaga 3 the character models were changed back to the Xenosaga 1 way.

GhostTurtle918d ago

I'm gonna be honest here. Might be an unpopular opinion, but that's a pretty shitty goddamn list they whipped up.

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Snookies12919d ago

Why are they using a picture of Kingdom Hearts 3 Sora for a list of PS2 games...?

FallenAngel1984919d ago

How you gonna have a thumbnail of a PS4 & XO game when talking about PS2 games?

I’m not even gonna bother with this article

Miraak82 919d ago

. FFX is way better then FFXII in almost every aspect

Terry_B919d ago

FFXII has..

a better soundtrack
a more interesting storyline
is not as linear as FFX
more interesting characters
many more interesting sidequests
a job system <3

919d ago
andy85919d ago (Edited 919d ago )

Honestly I couldn't disagree more. The soundtrack of X is world's above XII. the characters aren't as good. X has far more humour in the characters. XII is dark for the sake of it. Spira is a beautiful world too. I found the storyline of XII quite dull too and the main character is awful. (Yes Tidus isn't much better though)

Miraak82 919d ago

The story is better and way more fleshed out in X and the music is just beyond memorable.
XII's summoning were lame and the license board was awful , I mean why did I need a licence to wear equip?
You say it has a job system but the combat wasn't great , in X every action in combat actually mattered
It's probably the worst interpretation of ivalice I've seen , FFT, Vagrant story and even FFXIV did better , XII feels like a wannabe Star Wars. Non-linear doesn't always mean better .......

919d ago
gold_drake919d ago

12 is damn boring. i don't like MMOs at all. i dont like any of the characters beside Fran and Balthier, the music is what u would expect from that type of environment and the best characters dies literally in the first 5 mins of the game haha.

10 is the better ps2 final fantasy game. in every way possible

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mskaline65d ago

alot of great memories here : )


FFX and FFX-2 Do Not Need a Sequel

As a complete duology, Final Fantasy X and X-2 just do not need a sequel. These games provided us with satisfying conclusions to the characters' journeys and meaningfully wrapped up their arcs. And after the terrible way -Will- presented its narrative, feeling more like an attempt to capitalize on the previous game's success than a well-crafted and meaningful sequel, that's all the more reason to just let FFX be what it already is. Any further attempts to force a sequel will only diminish the legacy and impact of Final Fantasy X and X-2.

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Snookies12114d ago (Edited 114d ago )

If they do another one, I'd really like to see more of a focus on the connection to FF VII. Since it was confirmed that they take place in the same world. Let's just keep the pop star element out of it for the next one... I really enjoyed X-2 as a game, but man that decision for Yuna and Rikku's character direction wasn't the right choice.

shinoff2183113d ago

The connection to 7 would be dope af. I can even begin to think how'd they do it. I mean storywise and stuff I know about the Shinra stuff and everything. I'd be down with a 10 3

-Foxtrot113d ago (Edited 113d ago )



It wasn't supposed to be taken seriously

"This story is a bit of a joke. When we created FFX-2, we wanted to create something, a totally new world. Except that when I created it, I realized that it looked a lot like FFVII ... But without realizing it. Afterwards, when it was officially said in Ultimania, it took a completely gigantic proportion when it was just an anecdote"

Thank God anyway

It's better when each FF is a different Universe

Snookies12113d ago (Edited 113d ago )

Except, it is canonically connected in the VII Remake. There's a Shinra character in X-2, who is actually shown in a picture on the wall in the Shinra HQ in Remake. Meaning at the very least, X and VII share the same world in the Remake version.

CrimsonWing69113d ago


I thought they said that was just a joke:

―It’s a sequel to VII?!!
Kitase: “No, that was halfway a joke. However, in FFVII’s ending, Holy was supposed to settle things, then it’s suddenly ‘500 years later,’ and there’s been nothing like a sequel for it. There’s room to fill in that gap. There’s room for imagination. Since Nojima-san and Toriyama-san have worked together since then, talk that it could be possible with those staff members built up for a moment.”

―So, how did talk of it as a sequel to VII come up?
Nojima: “I felt that VII and X had a relatively connected feeling, that VII has an essence there.”

―Ehh, so VII and X are connected?
Nojima: “No, there isn’t much to it. For example, what happens when people die is fundamentally the same in my mind. I wrote both stories following the same idea. At times, other thoughts pop up, though. Pyreflies are green here and there, and other colors besides.”


I think they were just having fun and making a gag out of it.