God of War PS4 Runs at 4K and 60 FPS On PS5 But With a Caveat

God of War PS4 had a 60 FPS unlocked frame rate mode on PS4 that now runs at locked 60 FPS but apparently, it was possible to run it at 4K.

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Jin_Sakai213d ago

Give us a patch SSM! First TLG now this.


I don't think they will because they plan on remastering it and bundling it with Ragnarok.

northpaws212d ago


What an ironic username.

ABizzel1212d ago

I only see them doing this if they go the Spider-Man route and release it as a complete edition with the sequel. There no reason to otherwise especially with the sequel coming holiday 2021 - Spring 2022.

cooperdnizzle212d ago

I kinda of agree with you and thinks they might end up doing that.. it seems likely they could go and try this route with a lot of their games. It would be way cooler if they did just a free patch. I think some games will just get patched while others will go the spider man route.

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REDGUM212d ago

Really? Where did you hear about this?

LoveSpuds212d ago

I'd love a remaster if it gave me another trophylist to work through. Any excuse to replay this masterpiece for a 3rd time 😊

mikeslemonade212d ago

Haha the time to wait for PS5 Pro already begins. I own a PS5 by the way.

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repsahj212d ago

yeah, i hope they patch it.

GamerRN212d ago (Edited 212d ago )

I wanted this to be 4k 60 more than anything else in the system... Was waiting to finish it... Guess I'll resume now

FlavorLav01212d ago

I finally passed out holding my breath for the 4k60 Bloodborne patch. Guess it’s not coming either :(

Pretentious212d ago

Well, considering we have at least 7 more years with the PS5, I'd say there's still time.

OpenGL212d ago

Bloodborne never even got PS4 Pro support lol

Aussiesummer211d ago

Just finished the god damned game, seriously.

badz149212d ago

blimey it looks better than the PS5 version of AC Valhalla

GamerRN212d ago

Less characters on screen, smaller world, less open view of the world, can't compare the 2... It's an unfair comparison

Kingthrash360212d ago

Ok then....ghost of Tsushima

GamerRN212d ago


Less characters on screen, smaller visible world.

Look... RDR2 is a better example... That game looks better last gen

InUrFoxHole212d ago

Caveat... It's more badass!

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