Black Ops Cold War Runs at Dynamic 4K Resolution In 120 FPS Mode On PS5 and XSX

Black Ops Cold War supports 120 FPS on the PS5 and Xbox Series X and surprisingly maintains a dynamic 4K resolution instead of dropping to 1080p.

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RazzerRedux334d ago

"The difference in frame rate is negligible while the biggest surprise is how the PS5 manages to hold parity with the Xbox Series X despite offering almost 17% less raw hardware power."

Seems to be getting less and less surprising all the time.

Jin_Sakai334d ago (Edited 334d ago )

PS5 actually holds 120fps better than Series X.

SullysCigar334d ago (Edited 334d ago )

I'm not surprised anymore, because it keeps happening.

I am pleased to see Cerny's prophecy come true, though - he told us and we laughed...

We'll, who's laughing now? (it's Cerny 😬)

darthv72334d ago

the surprising column in that chart is the Series S running at 2160p.

ScootaKuH334d ago

Just another to add to the growing list

crazyCoconuts334d ago

Surprising to see performance being at parity and load times are not as different as i thought they would be for 3rd party games. Will be interesting to see as devs and APIs get more mature whether either of those shift to the advantage of different platforms. For example, Spiderman MM loads insanely fast - what technique/API are they using that others aren't yet?

ABizzel1334d ago

It will change over time, but this is what happens when you make your dev tools for Series X, Series S, and PC, compared to simply maximize your single console.

Now if Xbox has the developer talent and game engines designed to maximize the hardware of the Series X is another story. They have a couple of custom engines, Bethesda's Engine -_-, and Unreal Engine 5 which isn't 100% optimized for any specific platform but will provide amazing results.

Babadook7334d ago (Edited 334d ago )

PS5 has the advantage again in 120 fps mode. Might be because of the very high clock rate which is necessary for an 8 ms frame time, and also that cache modification Cerny was proud of. Whats even more amazing to me is we still have never seen a multiplat that was designed to utilized PS5s biggest strength; the 20+ GB/s compressed I/O capability. Those games are on the way, particularly once UE5 launches.

S2Killinit334d ago

Seems like PS5 keeps having an advantage in a case by case basis.

334d ago
Babadook7334d ago (Edited 334d ago )

@aboce I could see one or two devs keeping parity. But not every one. Especially when we are seeing unlocked FPS (which tests hardware) and still the difference is razor thin with ps5 having an advantage half the time. That’s not something that comes from any parity I’ve seen. Face it these two are dead even.

bouzebbal334d ago

Tell obscure observer this..

Ju334d ago (Edited 334d ago )

Much better! Almost 10fps higher when both dip below 120, which almost looks like the only reason they match at 120fps is because they are both capped at that. What a surprise. But then, not so much really. ROPs run at a much higher clock on the PS5.
Series S isn't running 2160p. Read the explanation in the video.

Evan_Beezy334d ago

Bc PS5 reportedly has unified cache on like zen 3 and XSX reportedly does not. Big factor in cpu latency n therefore framerate

FinalFantasyFanatic333d ago

I can kinda tell in this video, the PS5 held it's frame rates better despite being the weaker console, don't know if this is because of game optimization or if the performance gap is just that negligible between the two.

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alextdarling334d ago (Edited 334d ago )

Only request is to see the variance on the dynamic 4K.

When xbox drops to under 110 fps, what is the resolution at that point and at that same point, what is the resolution of the PS5?

StoneyYoshi334d ago

Im sure we will get a better analysis from DF soon enough and they will give us those answers.

crazyCoconuts334d ago

I'm surprised we haven't seen a head to head from DF yet on anything outside of DMC. They're typically quicker than this. WD, AC, and COD comparisons are all coming from other sites so far. Kinda unusual...

Rude-ro334d ago (Edited 334d ago )

At that point, it comes to better sampling no?
If it is not native 4K regardless... the image quality is based on all the upscaling techniques.
Not that it matters.. sweating over minute details that really would not be noticed...
but Sony has been working on techniques in hardware since they never really chased resolution peaks.. just image quality

BenRC01334d ago (Edited 334d ago )

Just 'king have fun

Ju334d ago

In all these scenario what people reported is that the X actually drops lower than the PS5. But in that case, it sounded like the resolution scaler is pretty much at the same level for both.

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BQ32334d ago

It does not hold parity it is clearly superior in the frame rate department which is really surprising to me as I intended to buy an xbox in part because i thought it would have the frame rate advantage especially at 120. The difference here is like a 10 frame advantage a good portion of the time which is not insignificant.

SullysCigar334d ago

Agreed - and then when you factor in the DualSense features, suddenly everything has changed! 3rd party on PS5 seems the way to go, I reckon. Probably have a bigger player base to keep those lobby times down, too.

SierraGuy334d ago

It's very important...this is what happens when you do the work and why I always have and always will respect Playstation.

DJStotty333d ago

But what resolution are both consoles outputting to achieve the frame rate?

PS5 could have dropped to 1440p to achieve those extra frames, you need to compare with Native resolution and then compare the frames.

FinalFantasyFanatic333d ago

Just saying, there's barely a perceivable difference between 120 and 110 (10 frames difference would matter more at lower frames rates like 60 or 30), that's fantastic performance between the two consoles though. I won't comment on the resolution since I couldn't tell when there was a significant dip in this video. I intended to get the PS5 anyway.

Ju333d ago

@DJStotty Both drop. 1440p is target for both. There is no evidence the PS5 drops more often or lower. Quite the opposite, actually.

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Atticus_finch334d ago

"I'll get the series X for the better 3rd party performance"
Hahahahaha. Oh boy.
Keep in mind ps5 DE is cheaper.

SullysCigar334d ago

Better performance for $100 less? I'm getting Xbox One/PS4 flashbacks!

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Father__Merrin334d ago (Edited 334d ago )

Ps5 holds closer to 120fps than series X.......
I'm playing this on series S dammit the graphics are good

alextdarling334d ago

Sorry sir, you cant say Series S in a positive manner on N4G...


Father__Merrin334d ago

Well COD looks fantastic on the S the Ray-tracing especially on miami level is a sight to behold.. All for £249 no pc can match that

Silly gameAr334d ago (Edited 334d ago )

Can't disagree with someone without them whining about getting disagrees.

If you like the Series S, that's fine, but don't expect everyone to praise it, and then get snippy and call N4G bias when people don't.

RazzerRedux334d ago (Edited 334d ago )

"Well COD looks fantastic on the S the Ray-tracing especially on miami level is a sight to behold.. All for £249 no pc can match that"


From the article:
"Xbox Series S doesn’t benefit from ray-tracing or 120 FPS mode compared to the PS5 and Xbox Series X. "

Father__Merrin334d ago

The RT is even in the instalation files when you download it on the S

RazzerRedux334d ago

"The RT is even in the instalation files when you download it on the S"

Sucks it is wasting your space then

Father__Merrin334d ago

What lol they shove that in for the fun of it then....

SierraGuy334d ago

Series s is capable of rt as we saw in watch dogs but it looks cheap like "mirrors" and doesn't translate well to uneven wet surfaces.

Abnor_Mal334d ago

Here's an oldie but goodie:

"Playstation 5 isn't powerful enough to output 120 fps. It can't even handle 1440p for whatever that's worth. If by chance it do, it will be like 1080p @ 120 fps."

Of course not the same game, but it seems both systems will deliver 120 fps, and BOTH will be in DYNAMIC 4K.

SierraGuy334d ago

I remember was classic.

Outside_ofthe_Box334d ago

The amount of straight up misinformation about the PS5 prior to launch was insane

FinalFantasyFanatic333d ago

It was like watching political rallies months before voting.

Abnor_Mal333d ago

Actually that was a quote from a commentor a few days ago. I guess it was due in part to misinformation by the media but could also be from regular people who wants to derail the "hype train" that is PS5.

Akarogg 334d ago (Edited 334d ago )

I assume the PS5 is dropping the average resolution lower than the Series X to maintain performance. Digital Foundry will give the final verdict on that one.

RazzerRedux333d ago

From the article...

"Black Ops Cold War appears to maintain dynamic 4K resolution which drops to as low as 1200p on both platforms."

Akarogg 333d ago


But how often does it drop to that number on PS5 versus Xbox? Maybe there is a reduction in other graphical areas which help the PS5 performance. If it turns out they have identical presentation and the PS5 still perform better, that is certainly interesting news. I look forward to the precise measurements from Digital Foundry.

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JEECE334d ago

Wait, these consoles are basically the same except for small, game-by-game differences? Who could have foreseen this?

SullysCigar334d ago (Edited 334d ago )

Pretty much ONLY Cerny, it would seem! lol

As Richard Leadbetter at DF likes to say, over and over, "the proof of the pudding is in the eating" and boy did Cerny bake us up a corker! Nom nom, Richie!

throne334d ago

what really surprised me is how he was mocked as though hes second rate....him of all people.

Outside_ofthe_Box334d ago

I've maintained from the jump that difference would be minimal.

The diferencee between pro and x was not that huge and the raw power gap is a lot narrower with 5 and SX. So it would only make sense that the differences would be even smaller this time around

mrsolidsteel20334d ago

I know this is not what the Xbox fanboys want to see and hear.

But to any sane person, this is phenomenal news!

This means whatever system you buy, know that you’re getting the same multiplat game, regardless of the system.

Maybe (just maybe) this will finally in the ending the pointless bickering between the two camps.

Side note, whoever has medieval on the PS4, it runs at a solid 60fps on the PS5 now!!!!!!

throne334d ago

if only the influencers would ever agree

Charal334d ago

Your are talking about Medievil, right?

If so, thanks for the info. I was wondering about it, as I skipped the game on PS4 pro due to the atrocious framerate variation I saw in the demo.

mrsolidsteel20334d ago


Sorry for my trash ass grammar in my last comment.

But yes, I’m talking about Medievil.

FinalFantasyFanatic333d ago

Considering the parts and specs are pretty similar between the two, it's not surprising there isn't a significant difference between the two, I just didn't think it would be this close.