Infinity Ward quietly adds 120fps to Call of Duty: Warzone on Xbox Series X - but not PS5

The support, which was not mentioned in Modern Warfare's latest patch notes published this week or on social media, was spotted by players as they tested the battle royale on Microsoft's new console.

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Deathdeliverer1042d ago

I’m sure it’ll come to PS5 too. The real shocker is that people still have this space hog downloaded. Let me install JUST multiplayer. Maybe that will help.

lelo2play1042d ago (Edited 1042d ago )

Hum... Surprised they didn't bring it 1st to PS5, since Activision has a exclusive deal with Sony.

Does COD run at 4k on SeriesX/PS5?

seanpitt231042d ago

Xb launched worldwide ps5 didn’t they are probably waiting till next week when it comes to all other countries

Mr Pumblechook1042d ago (Edited 1042d ago )

I'm disappointed but not surprised to see Wesley Yin Poole the deputy editor of the supposedly mature video game website Eurogamer stirring up the flames of the format wars.

SullysCigar1042d ago (Edited 1042d ago )

Just more Eurogamer smearing.

Maybe let the console finish launching before worrying about a patch for a last gen game lol

agnosticgamer1042d ago

Not all game consoles are created equally. Maybe the PS5 can't handle it?

It's not a big deal, because to say the Xbox Series X isn't more powerful you're just being ignorant. There will be some games that only have this option on the Series X and that is just a fact.

The fact they have an exclusivity deal with Sony and Xbox series X got it first should possibly tell you something.

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oof461042d ago

The developer for Rocket League hinted why...at least for their game:

"Right now we have nothing further to share on additional PS5 plans, but can shed some more light on the why. Our team’s main focus this year was our recent free to play transition, and updating major features like our Tournaments system. Due to this we had to make tough decisions on what else we could achieve. Enabling 120hz on Xbox Series X|S is a minor patch, but enabling it on PS5 requires a full native port due to how backwards compatibility is implemented on the console, and unfortunately wasn’t possible due to our focus elsewhere."

Babadook71042d ago (Edited 1042d ago )

“ The developer for Rocket League hinted why...at least for their game: ”

The head to heads so far show the real story. PS5 is equal in every game that allows a direct comparison. So the only hint there, is that that dev was lazy or worse.

Sophisticated_Chap1042d ago

It's called "a more powerful GPU". You console kids might start to understand how PC's work soon, especially once DF starts doing comparisons on more and more 3rd party games.

Sitdown1041d ago

This has to be the worst defense I have ever seen. So current users can't get this, until PS5 launches in other places? Stop.

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Muzikguy1042d ago

People keep telling me you can but I can not delete the single player portion and I've checked many times. The option isn't there

1nsomniac1042d ago

It’s there on the PC. I have the game on the PS4 as well but haven’t checked out there.

DerfDerf1042d ago

On Xbox you simply uninstall the campaign portions.

Muzikguy1042d ago

I've seen reports of it being on PS4 (where I play) but it's not there for me. The game is getting too large these days.

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MaximusTKG1042d ago (Edited 1042d ago )

I deleted both my campaign and spec ops, left only mp and warzone.

Kaze881042d ago

How about just googling it, first one after google search: https://support.activision....

Should be possible on every platform. did this on pc and works.

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Newmanator1042d ago

Maybe they’ll add it by the time I’m able to find one.

PigPen1042d ago

Playstation 5 isn't powerful enough to output 120 fps. It can't even handle 1440p for whatever that's worth. If by chance it do, it will be like 1080p @ 120 fps.

Ash01Live1042d ago

Why you have to be this way?

Abnor_Mal1042d ago


But please, continue with what you were saying.

PigPen1042d ago


At what though cause that's not saying? All bet money 1080p.

RazzerRedux1042d ago

"At what though cause that's not saying? All bet money 1080p."

You didn't say "at what though" when it came to the game running 120fps on the XSX. Hilarious.

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ScootaKuH1042d ago

I think you're overestimating PS5. It'll only be able to output this game at 540p for 120fps. If you want 4k it'll only be 3fps. I promise.

Series X is capable of 16k and 480fps though because teh velocity engine and powarrrz

PigPen1042d ago


Any next gen game under 1080p I'll be shocked!

ArthriticPowers1042d ago

Mate get you hand of it, got the series x day one but you're talking crap, sensationalising and drawing attention away from from an interesting conversation

SullysCigar1042d ago

I got your sarcasm, but honestly, you have to sign post it. Sadly, there are some on here that would probably write what you wrote and believe it to be true lol

purple1011042d ago (Edited 1042d ago )

PS3 outputted a game (superstardust). It was a puzzle game mind... They outputted that in 1440p! 10 years ago on PS3.. so I'm sure ps5 can do it it's just an option they haven't bothered to code in yet.

P_Bomb1042d ago (Edited 1042d ago )

Treyarch’s already said COD will hit 120fps on both consoles https://www.thegamer.com/bl...

Here’s how to activate performance mode on PS5 https://twistedvoxel.com/bl...
John Linneman walk through https://mobile.twitter.com/...

Nioh 2 also announced a 4K/120 edition for next year, fwiw.

Abnor_Mal1042d ago

Neither article states what the resolution will be for the PS5. Neither article also states what the resolution will be for the Series X.

Besides, the article was about the frames and you saying no the PS5 isn't powerful enough to output at 120 fps. The link provided proves that it can, so the matter of resolution is moot at this point since neither article mentioned what either system will output at resolution wise. Unless you have some kind of proof that says the Series X will run at 4k native and the PS5 will run at 1080p.

Switching gears.

Damrock1042d ago

Doesn't DMC5 on PS5 handle 120fps better than series X.....