Perfecting the feel of Godfall on PS5

How Counterplay Games utilized the ultra-high speed SSD and DualSense controller to make combat feel just right.

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StoneyYoshi37d ago

Yeah I wonder if they will allow an option to skip that "load Screen" so you don't have to hold circle to continue for people who want to get in even faster!

Jin_Sakai37d ago

That would also be nice. Pretty much instant loading upon death.

WireMucks37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

That is some NG +++ DKS DLC right there,.. Wanted to chop that tail off(think you need it for all weapons trophyp),.. Stopped playing DKS altogether.

GaboonViper37d ago

F**k me that GIF is stunning.

LordoftheCritics37d ago

Looks like a regular mob from Gears of War became a dull boss fight here.

Well at least we are getting Ratchet and Clank at some point.

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SullysCigar37d ago

I like that each weapon literally feels different to use, thanks to the way the controller has been utilised. That's a nice touch.

East76lands37d ago

I have the feeling that this may be the most polished of all the launch games.

ZeroBlue237d ago

This game surprises me everytime I see it.

Popsicle37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

My interest in this game went from nearly non-existent about 6 months ago to very interested in the last few weeks. The game and what they have shown seems to improve almost by the week.

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