Is a PS Vita Worth It in 2020? 9 Reasons to Own a PlayStation Vita

The PlayStation Vita has definitely outlived its life cycle. Had some interest? Fret not, here are 9 reasons to own a PS Vita in 2020!

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MeteorPanda31d ago

l hacked the living shit outta my vita. no regrets, love it now

Atom66631d ago

Best portable emulator you can buy.

instantstupor31d ago

I'll have to look up if the most recent firmware can be hacked. I did that to my PSP back in the day, mainly so I could back up ISOs to huge, cheap microSD cards. Given the Vita storage is still pricey as hell, I could stand to do the same again - I know microSD to Vita adapters exist, but only work on CFW. Was the process pretty easy?

MeteorPanda30d ago

omg the vita memory is a bit badly priced but if people can handle the switches "Nintendo tax" on every game the same way as thhe vita - the vita would not have tanked. It's so bizzare to me that its store was cheap but people ignore that in favour of the memory cards which wernt that bad.

instantstupor30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

I agree for the most part about the Vita pricing overall not being that bad. I mean, I got my 32GB card back in 2013 for about $84, and that has served me pretty well. But I would like to consider getting like a 128GB microSD for storing my games on.

So, same question. Was putting the CFW on pretty easy? I'll obviously look it up, but since I have the ear of someone who has done it, just curious as to your personal experience.

MeteorPanda30d ago

since l hadnt touched my vita in a while l dint have to worry about firmware. manually updated it to 3.60. I used HENkaku, the process was less of a hassle as expected. it just recodes your vita and then you're free to use the other homebrews. goes through it a lot in detail.

MoonConquistador31d ago

I wonder if it will do remote play with the PS 5. This was a great feature for the PS 3 & 4

mohddika31d ago

Although you are correct, you can now remote play using your phone which probably has a better screen than the Vita so that makes the feature obsolete IMO. Was worth it back then but now not anymore

MoonConquistador31d ago

My phone doesn't have an analogue stick or buttons for games.

It was merely a question relating to keeping an existing portable device fully compatibility with PS 5 and not having the feature be made obsolete

instantstupor31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

I assume the Vita will not be updated for Remote Play, sadly. And while your phone doesn't have control sticks or buttons, you can get a phone clip for your DS4 for $10 or less that clips around the DS4 & has an arm to hold your phone. It'll work great for both Remote Play and for any mobile games you might own that support a controller (recently tested it with Dead Cells on Android, and it works a treat).

I don't know if the newest DS4 works with the Remote Play app over bluetooth, but my older DS4s would never be seen in the app, so instead I had to connect with a USB cable. I know iOS added DS4 support, so perhaps that will handle it fine over bluetooth? The clip I bought came with a small USB cable for this purpose, but you can also use an OTG USB adapter and any standard Micro USB cable as well (or, I assume, a Lightning to Micro cable if you own an iDevice).

And moreso than the screen, the wifi on my phone is LOADS better than what is on the Vita. I have the OG Vita and the wifi in it just couldn't handle Remote Play reliably. If I did "direct to PS4", even in the same room, Remote Play was choppy. If I just used wifi, with my PS4 being hardwired via Ethernet & then playing near my router, it still had problems staying consistent. I think being stuck on 2.4ghz (and perhaps a weak chip to boot) made Remote Play less than ideal on my Vita. But on the phone? Works great!

instantstupor31d ago

I take umbrage with the "PlayStation Store still regularly offering sales and discounts for PlayStation Vita titles" comment. I regularly look, and I literally NEVER see any sales on Vita games.

Looking now on the Vita, no sales - certainly not any "Big in Japan" sale - and I literally cannot remember the last time I saw a sale there. The "weekly deals" section is all full priced games, and has been every time I've check in the last...year? I googled it and the Big in Japan sale appears to be dead, not ongoing. I've checked deal sites that track Vita game sales and can't find any sales. I've even used the PS3 store - which still has a Vita section, unlike the new garbage web store - and found no games on sale.

I've always wanted to add a few more titles for my Vita, but Sony seems to have decided anyone who owns a Vita & wants more titles at this point will just pay full price for them.

TheIntern6d ago

PlayStation sales happen frequently, and you'll have to open your PC/Vita to see them. Unfortunately with the PS5 out the PS Vita has been removed from the PC playstation store