What We Want From God of War: Ragnarok

WTMG's Jason Palazini: "God of War: Ragnarok might still be twelve to eighteen months away, but that won't stop us from dreaming about what's to come."

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UnSelf10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

Thanos vs Thor

i meant Kratos* vs Thanos

CaptainHenry91610d ago

Unself vs Kratos I would love to see that

9d ago
ClayRules201210d ago (Edited 10d ago )

Not me. I want it on PS5 only.

MajorLazer9d ago

No thanks. I'm done with the PS4.

Mister_G9d ago

Only if it is designed for PS5 and they squeeze it into PS4. This transition period means lots of games will be cross gen. It was same when PS4 launched.

solideagle10d ago

It will be on PS4 I think, no way Sony can ignore 110+ million PS4 users.
I would want it to be from ground up for PS5 but it would be Sony's decision

NEXUS-610d ago

The reason GOW has been developed so quickly is they probably didn't need to worry about too many development tricks to get things to work.

If it was on PS4 it would take a lot longer I'd assume.

DEEHULK8810d ago

Or the other way around with it being a upgraded PS4 game.

Hellcat202010d ago

I think it'll be same engine just bumped up to native 4k and 60fps
I'm not expecting much difference in graphics or gameplay
And I will be fine with that
I loved the story and that's what matters to me

DEEHULK8810d ago

It going to be on ps4 the same way Horizon will be on PS4. How can Gow be scheduled to come out around the same time as Horizon not be on ps4 when Horizon is? They don't want to get the babies mad.

NEXUS-610d ago

Who said its coming put around the same time?

We have a logo for one and a cinematic trailer for the other.

Which is coming first?

I'd expect HFW 1st or 2nd quarter and GOW 4th quarter.

neutralgamer19929d ago (Edited 9d ago )


I know they said 2021 but I fully expect GOW to be out by Q2 2022. And by even fall 2021 ps5 will be 20+ million sold and GOW will move a lot of hardware so don't assume a lot of stuff

I don't know why people are surprised that sony is supporting ps4. They did the same with ps2 when they released God of war, they did the same with ps3 when they released TLOU and now they are doing the same with ps4. Sony supports their outgoing console for a bit after new one has been released

DEEHULK889d ago

Neutralgamer you tell me not to assume and you assume that they will have 20 million sold by fall

NEXUS-610d ago

You've all gotta remember by late 2021 Sony expects to have 20 million or so PS5's out in the wild.

Imagine a GOW PS5 exclusive game releasing early December = MASSIVE Christmas sales for PS5.

Makes sense to me.

Sprucegoose779d ago

Could happen but Sony is famous for delaying their big games. I'm not sour about it. I will happily wait if it means my money gets me an amazing product that is super polished!

jznrpg10d ago

The only thing different I want is more enemy variety besides that the game was amazing

JimmyDM909d ago

More enemy variety is my #1 request. It might be a minority opinion but I’d also like a slightly more lively overworld (with the theme of Ragnarok it’s unlikely, I know) But there were times in the first game where I wished there were more npcs or wildlife to interact with as the game could often feel like a ghost town.

9d ago
Ausbo10d ago

I just hope it’s a full fledged sequel rather than a smaller experience

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