The Falconeer Performance Mode Runs the Game at 120 FPS on Xbox Series X and S

Thomas Sala shared some details about its upcoming game ‚The Falconeer‘ on Twitter.

DiRtY1086d ago

1800p / 60 FPS on Series S is amazing for a 299€ console.

Kerppamaister1086d ago

Haters gonna hate. Game looks cool in any case.

RaidenBlack1086d ago

Yea it has an unique smooth and calming art style.
But why omit the One X stats?
It'll be 4K/60 native, right?

Fishy Fingers1086d ago

XB One X is 1800p/60. He posed it in the comments.

potatoseal1086d ago

This game is not technically impressive in the slightest. Wil probably review terribly as well.

anubusgold1086d ago

@potatoseal You can run 2k games at max detail on 4 year old graphics cards so the series s will be fine if lazy developers dont get in the way.

pocolocoX1086d ago

We keep getting actual performance numbers from Microsoft way before release. I'm loving this new Xbox!

dlocsta1086d ago

This looks as graphically intense as Ratchet & Clank and the PS5 can't run that at 4k/60FPS. Next comment...

1Victor1086d ago

Awesome /s I would be surprised if this game didn’t perform well even in the current gen let be frank for a second this game isn’t pushing anything up

Army_of_Darkness1085d ago

If this game can run @1080p/60fps on the Xbox one s, it says it all considered how weak that console is. 😂🤣

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sprinterboy1086d ago

Its "The Falconeer" dude, One would hope so?

DiRtY1086d ago

Well PS5 can’t hit native 4K for Ratchet and Clank... and that is not the most demanding game either.

Christopher1086d ago

@DiRtY: That's to be seen. All we know for certain is that it's dynamic 4k60fps. They might not have a 4k30fps native option.

RazzerRedux1086d ago


The inclusion of ray tracing makes R&C a demanding game. Falconeer isn't comparable at all.

Obscure_Observer1086d ago


"The inclusion of ray tracing makes R&C a demanding game. Falconeer isn't comparable at all."

Yeah, but what about Astrobot and Sackboy? Doesn´t seem demanding games at all.

RazzerRedux1086d ago


Do we know final resolutions and frames for those games?

Mr_Luke1086d ago

Did i really... read that? No wait, probably it's a joke.
Comparing this game with...
No, i get it, it was a joke. Nice ;)

1086d ago
Obscure_Observer1085d ago (Edited 1085d ago )


"Do we know final resolutions and frames for those games?"

We know that Sony is targeting 60fps for those games. Now, about the final resolution, I think it´s pretty hard to achieve native 4K for games which resolution shown in DF´s PS5 reveal event analysis were as low as 1512p.

So yeah, I´m not expecting native 4K/60fps for games like Astrobot, Sackboy and Destruction AllStars on the 10TF PS5, which makes the 4TF SS 1800p/60fps and 1080p/120fps performances for The Falconeer pretty impressive IMO.

RazzerRedux1085d ago (Edited 1085d ago )


"I think it´s pretty hard to achieve native 4K for games which resolution shown in DF´s PS5 reveal event analysis were as low as 1512p."

Why? DF fully acknowledges this could change. I think it would be silly to assume it wouldn't considering DF also said Godfall was native 4k 60. Since then AC:Valhalla has been announced at 4k 60 for PS5. Spider-man Mile Morales as a 4k 60 performance mode. But somehow....Sackboy and the rest are not going to make it there? I mean....maybe, but that is on the developers to explain at that point. Regardless, it seems silly to assume that the months between reveal and release are going to yield no improvements to performance. So why make assumptions?

"performances for The Falconeer pretty impressive IMO."

Steam recommended GPU is a GTX 1060 for Falconeer.


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1086d ago
Profchaos1086d ago (Edited 1086d ago )

To be fair I've watched the gameplay videos it's not exactly winning any awards for setting graphical standards. Realistically you could probably get the game to be playable on a ps2 or og xbox.

I'd be extremely concerned if the game didn't hit 1080 for the one s.

And that's in no way a dig on the gameplay or anything else just graphically it's indie af.

Ju1086d ago

Well, 1080p@60 on the X1S says it all...

subzero19921086d ago

The 1080P/120FPS is pretty impressive as well. Its a great console for gaming on a monitor.

Christopher1086d ago

It's great, but the graphics are really flat and low poly without much in the way of advanced AI/physics. This shouldn't be a metric for other Indie games let alone AAA to achieve on Series S or Series X, IMHO. Once you start upping those polys and utilizing higher quality/detailed textures, that resolution is going to drop and the CPU may be affected by AI/physics processing.


green1086d ago (Edited 1086d ago )

Linking to an early gameplay video from 2 years ago? Okay Mr lol

I'll judge from gameplay footage taking recently and it looks impressive


Christopher1086d ago (Edited 1086d ago )


Even running on Series X, you can't say that's a high poly game. That's lower poly count than Sea of Thieves by a good margin, for comparison.

Edit to your edit: If you think that looks impressive, wait until you play some indie games from 2014-2020 on Xbox One.

Atom6661085d ago

Still on this crusade, Christopher? Sure seems like the S is matching the X's frames, running the same "polys."

It's almost like you can drop the GPU and memory down to run the same games at lower res. Sort of like we've been doing for years on PC.

Christopher1085d ago (Edited 1085d ago )

***running the same "polys."***

Yes, the same really low level polygons... That's my whole point.

And my crusade must be to not oversell a product by ignoring how it's able to achieve certain things?

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yomfweeee1086d ago ShowReplies(2)
Ashunderfire861086d ago

So is 1800p/120FPS for Series X that is awesome 😎 especially upscaled to 4K or 8K depending on your TV! Facts right there

1085d ago
1085d ago
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Father__Merrin1086d ago

I'd prefer the 60fps mode with higher assets.

Minute Man 7211086d ago (Edited 1086d ago )

Stop it " Dynamic 4K"