Godfall's Endgame 'Will Continue To Challenge & Reward Players'

Dick Heyne, Technical Producer at Counterplay Games, discusses gameplay, loot progression and Godfall's endgame.

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FinalSpero47d ago

I cant speak for everybody, but it seems the hype and vuzz for this game went from 100-0 within the year since its been announced...

It lost me personally once I found out its a grindy looter-slasher. It hust seems the more details that have come out the more people have shyed away.

I hope it still does well though. Obviously there is a market for these types of games or Destiny wouldn't do nearly as well as it is.

mkis00747d ago

From what I see on ERA, its gained momentum.

MrNinosan47d ago

I feel the other way around. My hype is far more now than a year ago.
And we knew from the beginning it was a looter.

This is one of my day 1 games for PS5.

FinalSpero47d ago

Right on! I'm probably only going to be able to afford one game for my PS5. If so it'll be Spider-Man for me! I hope you enjoy Godfall 🤘

Saijahn47d ago

It's a knockoff anthem / division / destiny game.

I don't mind looter -shooter or in this case slasher, but I worry about the slashing part. There's only so many sword combos you'll see before it gets repetitive.

Whereas in the other games I mentioned you have skills, other weapon types, powers etc.

We shall see, best wishes to them

northpaws47d ago

Doesn't guns get more repetitive than melee weapons with combo? Guns, you reload, aim, and shoot, the only differences are the bullets that came out of the guns.

With melees, you can easily have, spears, swords, whips like weapons, axe and tons more.

Not saying godfall is better or not compares to those games you mentioned, I just find melee weapons a lot more interesting than guns.

FinalSpero47d ago

I wouldn't call it a knock off. It looks wholly unique. It simply follows the looter-slasher/shooter method. That doesn't make it a knock off.

Baza47d ago

Knock off Anthem?? That’s a first

tontontam047d ago

Ex destiny developers!!!! Once a developer goes gaas they will forever be gaas developers.

potatoseal47d ago

Maybe it's best you just keep speaking for yourself. I'm buying this game. Combat looks great and challenging.

FinalSpero47d ago

Well that would be why I said "I can't speak for everybody". I hope you enjoy your game.

Teflon0247d ago

I had no interest before and now contemplating it and as of hate I've seen alot more positivity towards it while it was pretty negative from the jump. Not sure where you're looking but the general person has said the last few bits of shown off content is selling them on it.

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spartan112g47d ago

I'll wait to see if they really care about fans and releaseat $60 like they are on PC.

XxSPIDEYxX47d ago

Hope this has Monster Hunter Levels of Content

Bathyj47d ago

Still not completely sold on this game, but I have to say it's improved on every showing.

Sayai jin47d ago

Still on the fence on this title. I have more than enough to play on launch...Spiderman, Ratchet, and the one and only Demon Souls!!!