Resident Evil 8 Off-Screen Gameplay Demo Hints At An Opening Similar To Resident Evil 4

Capcom recently held a gameplay demonstration of Resident Evil 8, also known as Resident Evil Village, and revealed some new information on the game.

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25d ago
S2Killinit25d ago

We are currently out of the T virus, but we have plenty of covid. (;

FinalFantasyFanatic25d ago

I wanted T Virus, but all I got was this shitty covid, worst world ending apocalypse ever!

PaleMoonDeath26d ago

With REsi 4 being remade.. that's not very clever. We'll see

-Foxtrot26d ago

I don’t get it either

Why remake RE4 then give us a new RE game which seems to be latching off RE4

This is why I don’t understand why they aren’t remaking Code Veronica first

26d ago
Eamon25d ago

I believe the answer is $.

High praises for RE2make and very successful sales numbers. Capcom see the RE2make development formula as a potential for financial success. Thus why RE4make seems inevitable.

I do agree that Code Veronica is much more deserving and needing of a remake. RE4 still stands the test of time till today. And it's already a third person shooter survival horror game. RE2, RE3 and CV were not third person shooters and so make much more sense.

My theory is Capcom's vision for the RE franchise is to continue the traditional 3rd-p survival horror with remakes (RE4 and possibly CV) while releasing new numbered games as 1st-p survival horror (RE8 village).

PaleMoonDeath24d ago

Rehashing the intro to RE4.. when an RE4 remake is in development, sounds like bankrupt ideas to me.

CrimsonWing6926d ago

So, reading the enemies dropping items and lots of action makes me feel it ain’t going to be like 7 in the sense that it basically brought back the classic RE gameplay to a modern RE title.

I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt until I play it, but after RE7 and RE2’s success you’d figure they’d want to stay with the classic design. Maybe it’ll be a perfect blend of the action oriented and survival horror gameplay?

Nacho_Z26d ago

If they can make a game with the classic gameplay of the series with the atmosphere of Resi 7 and a big world with loads of emphasis on exploration then we'll be laughing. It seems like that's what they're going for.

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The story is too old to be commented.