Mafia: Definitive Edition Hands-On Preview: Making the Old Feel New Again - IGN

"The remake is very technically impressive, and the story has aged well. So far so good, Tommy." | Ryan McCaffrey, IGN

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Shane Kim879d ago

And then watch 7/10 when the game release.

REDGUM879d ago

Hope not, i'm looking forward to this game as I never played the original version.

Shane Kim878d ago

The original was really good. I hope this will too.

smolinsk879d ago

I really hope this game can live up to the original. It's a Hanger 13 remastered version, and I will never forgive them for what they did to mafia 3. This generations biggest disappointment.

mgszelda1879d ago

Who was hyping mafia 3? Lol

smolinsk879d ago

What? Hyping mafia 3? Don't get it. Nobody is hyping that horrible game

mgszelda1878d ago

I'm trying to understand how it's the biggest disappointment this gen then.