Project CARS 3 Review (TheSixthAxis)

TSA writes: There’s a rather large elephant in the room when it comes to discussing Project CARS 3. So big, that you just have to get it out of the way early. If you weren’t aware already – and a lot of comments and forum posts suggests many have cottoned on already – Project CARS 3 isn’t trying to be a simulator any more.

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TheColbertinator1400d ago

Lost track of this game since it started to sound like Driveclub

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metalgod881400d ago

What the heck is this? Why didn't they just change to name so we wouldn't think this is a continuation of the Project Cars simulation series? Not cool guys, not cool. Still looks fun, but definitely mirrors that of Driveclub, not the Project Cars series.

Sgt_Slaughter1399d ago

I had zero clue as well until this comment. Project CARS: Overdrive or some kind of subtitle would have been much better.

Nacho_Z1400d ago

I think this is likely to be the last in the franchise, don't think they ever sold great and this sounds like the worst in the series. It's a shame because there's definitely room for another quality sim at the big boys table but PC3 didn't even try to be that.

BenRC011399d ago

Sounds like too many hangovers from the incredibly dull pc1 and 2 left in place for an arcade racer. Be one or the other, a weird hybrid sounds awful.


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