The Best Racing Games Not Named Gran Turismo

From Xfire: "By our definition, a racing game is any title that puts you in the driver's seat of a vehicle as you compete with other racers to see who gets to the finish line first.

So, this means that the game doesn't necessarily have to have hyper-realistic graphics. It doesn't even have to be realistic at all. It just has to have a vehicle and a race. That's it. But, even with such broad criteria, you'd be surprised that there aren't as many good racing games out there as you'd like to think, especially if you remove Gran Turismo from the equation."

IRetrouk1194d ago

I love the vast majority of em to be honest, both more realistic and arcade types

NecrumOddBoy1193d ago

It’ may be near impossible to play now but if you can dig up a PS3 and a 3D TV, Motorstorm Apocalypse is an outstanding arcade racer. Would have made a great VR title.

Iceball20001193d ago

I still have all three. They gatta bring Motorstorm back. Imagine it on PS5? Oh my god!

IRetrouk1193d ago

I did indeed have the motorstorm series, still have my 3d TV too lol, apocalypse was crazy, the 3d effect was good, it would have been amazing in vr.

NeoGamer2321193d ago (Edited 1193d ago )

Ya, the biggest issue with most racers is the grind to get through everything and how they do or do not make it boring. There are very few racers that are just bad all the way through.

TallDarknWavy1192d ago

Project Cars 3 is so much fun when you turn off all the assists except for antilock brakes, it's so challenging yet forgiving, it has the best handling model in years. Way better than the Driveclub handling model, it's more like the Driveclub update where they made it more realistic via handling option. It's criminal how many unfair whiny reviewers bashed that game for being not simulation enough. I absolutely hate the games journalism industry, they're so bitter and angry at their shit lives.

darthv721193d ago

Personally, i love arcadey style racing games. The simplicity of pick up and play. From the older ones like outrun to newer retro inspired titles like hotshot racing. The less realistic the better (for me) but I do also like those that require you to have some skill to corner without removing the fun of going fast.

I just dont get too involved with the sim heavy racers. I appreciate their attention to detail but I am not that much of a car nut to know wheel balance and drift to weight ratios.

XiNatsuDragnel1193d ago

I prefer need for speed over gt or Forza in my opinion

NeoGamer2321193d ago

Everyone is entitled to their opinion for sure. But there hasn't been a great NFS game since the PS3/360 era.

Last generation, I didn't enjoy a single new NFS.

Yi-Long1193d ago (Edited 1193d ago )

Best racing game last gen for me, without a doubt, is Driveclub. Perfect controls where you always feel in control, while challenging times and opponents to beat. It just always feels FUN to play, even when you don't win. It also has the best track-design, and the graphics are STILL mind-blowing.

The article mentions Dirt 5. I liked some of the older Dirt games, but Dirt 5 sadly ditched the whole rally aspect completely. To top it off, it doesn't even have replays, which is just ridiculous in this day and age.

Dirt Rally 2 is a great game, currently playing and enjoying it, but it's probably too hard/serious/demanding for those who want to just throw a rally car through a gorgeous environment.

Terry_B1193d ago

Rrrrrrrriiiiiiidge Racerrrrrrrrrrr

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ZeekQuattro44d ago

Hardware Sales (followed by lifetime sales)

Switch OLED Model – 72,592 (7,195,696)
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Hugodastrevas43d ago

Stellar Blade selling well it's great, hopefully we get a sequel or s franchise out of it!

ravens5243d ago

Just ordered my copy yesterday, gets here today. I still haven't beat FF7 Rebirth, but I want to play Stellar Blade lol. So I'll just play both 🤷🏽 and Helldivers 2 🇺🇸

Hugodastrevas43d ago

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! Just finished fishing all the fish in the game to unlock an outfit lol.


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Yi-Long71d ago

I hope they just keep building on Mario Kart 8; Add a track-creation tool, and probably open it up to more Nintendo IPs with new tracks and characters, so Metroid, Punch Out, Starfox, Animal Crossing, etc etc.