Is Def Jam Teasing The Announcement Of A New Game?

Do you remember the Def Jam-licensed hip hop video game franchise released by EA Games? Def Jam Vendetta? Def Jam: Fight for NY? Def Jam: Icon? Well, the studio seems to be teasing the fourth entry by tweeting that a "special announcement" will be coming soon.

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mrsolidsteel20909d ago

It won’t be the same, these rappers nowadays are corny as f$&k and they won’t hold the same weight as the rappers in the first two games.....Icon was trash.

Silly gameAr909d ago

Too true. I don't even think Def Jam has any artist now in days that would be worth playing as, and I'd rather not play as any of these clowns calling themselves artist today.

ThereGoThatManQ908d ago

There are plenty of artists that still hold the same weight

BillyG0AT908d ago

I'd definitely prefer a remake of the original games than a new one with all these rappers of today.

King_Noctis908d ago

It would be cool if we can see Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly battling it out in the game, if Def Jam can somehow license those two into the game.

XxSPIDEYxX908d ago

This seems like nothing but talk. I don't even think EA has the rights to make Def Jam games anymore. The last Def Jam Game was a sing a long game by Konami.

myfathersbastard908d ago

Def Jam: Fight for NY was badass. Played the shit out of that one. Icon was trash.
Just do a full remake of F4NY

nowitzki2004908d ago

Lets hope its a remaster and not a new game with the new "artists"

boing1908d ago

Yeah! I played the hell out of Fight for NY too. Remaster would be very welcome.

Chocoburger908d ago

The first two games were good. Since they were developed by AKI Corp.

The third game was made by EA Chicago, who made such a bad fighting game that EA abandoned their studio. Activision then bought the studio and they were renamed to Robomodo. They then proceeded to make 4 garbage Tony Hawk games in a row, and then shut down.

If there's another game, and its not made by AKI Corp., then move on.

Profchaos908d ago

I.had no idea they were also robomodo it all makes sense.

Still Def jam icon was passable I thought frustrating and unresponsive at times though it could have been worse and then konami made Def jam sing star

Shezgear908d ago

With the pretty much same rester with some new rappers like j.cole and kendrick.. and 69 just so I can beat his ass couple of times. Up to date graphics or the style of ICON and gameplay of fight for NY and we have a winner. But none of that will happen..

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The story is too old to be commented.