Def Jam Vendetta 2021 Wishlist: 9 Rappers that Should Make The Roster

Gary Swaby at writes:

"EA released Def Jam: Vendetta back in 2003 and had some of the biggest hip hop stars of that era featured in a gritty brawler. My favorite in the series, Def Jam: Fight for NY released a year later in 2004. Not only did they have Hip Hop megastars such as Method Man, Redman, Snoop Dogg, and DMX but there were also upcoming talents such as Joe Budden; who was a rookie in the rap game at the time. Even though the game was endorsed by Def Jam, it also featured a number of talents that weren’t exactly part of the Def Jam roster at the time.

While reminiscing about how dope these games were—minus Def Jam Icon—I got thinking which rappers would be included in a 2021 roster for Def Jam Vendetta. Def Jam is currently teasing some kind of game announcement, so who knows, this could very well become a reality."

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DaveZero44d ago

I really do hope as it was much better than the wrestling games you see today