Godfall Gameplay Video Shows New PS5 Build in Action

Today Gearbox Publishing released a brief video of its upcoming looting-slashing game Godfall.

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NealGamby40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

Not a very good teaser. I'm already buying a PS5. But for the people who are on the fence, they need to show something better. Something the PS4 can't already do. As a matter of fact, Ghost of Tsushima and TLOU2 already look more amazing than anything in that clip.

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ForwardDude39d ago

Gearbox has nothing to do with PS5 release. Sony is releasing the PS5. Gearbox is a game develloper. This is why they are teasing a bew built of the game Godfall instead of hyping the PS5 like you suggest.

zarbor39d ago

Agreed. Unfortunately when the competition isn't even meeting the standard of graphics from last gen, you can get away with lame teasers such as this one. Not holding my breath that we get an adequate next gen game at launch with these new consoles.

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Teflon0239d ago

Unfortunately this game will sell because it seems like it'll be something long and tedious to fully complete. Which is good. But also such a generic looking game.

NeoGamer23233d ago

If you are judging a game (especially a hack 'n' slash) by 14 seconds of gameplay that is just wrong.

NealGamby33d ago

I’m judging the 14 seconds they devs decided to tweet out. It wasnt a very good 14 seconds.

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Edito39d ago

So this is running at 720p and below 30fps?

People are really afraid of the PS5 potential success...

I'm all in for it.

Games1st39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

They got 4k version and people say it's 60fps.

I_am_Batman39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

It's 4k but currently sub 60fps. The gameplay they've shown so far was running at 40-50fps. This video was uploaded in a 30fps container. It seems like they've downconverted the 60fps video source to fit a 30fps video container which effectively halved the 40-50fps to 20-25fps. Not sure why they did that. It makes it looks choppy as hell.

I_am_Batman39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

Addendum: Just did a sanity check and sampled some parts of the available gameplay vids. 40-50fps seems about right for the older gameplay snippets in videos. The newer Combat Overview from the State of Play seems to run much closer to 60fps most of the time. There is however a section of that video where they talk about the spiral technique (around the 5:50 mark) that seems to use a 30fps source.

Unfortunately the Combat Overview trailer is only uploaded in 1080p so it's not possible to check whether they dropped the resolution to reach a more stable 60fps target.

orakle4439d ago

Who's afraid if the PS5 succeeds?

S2Killinit39d ago

That looks like the original feed may have been 4K judging by those vibrant colors, but the video itself was not 4K. Looks good though.

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