Netflix Adapation of Beyond Good and Evil in Development

A Netflix feature film adaptation of Ubisoft's epic space pirate adventure is in development!

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-Foxtrot48d ago

Oh god

How about get the sequel right and actually make a true sequel before branching out

Fishy Fingers48d ago

Netflix are developing the game?

-Foxtrot48d ago

No obviously not but Ubisoft trying to branch out everything before fixing what they have

CaptainHenry91646d ago

This actually might be better than the upcoming sequel

Tacoboto46d ago

Ubisoft: *brings Ironside back for Sam Fisher* *shows off BG&E sequel gameplay*

Also Ubisoft, when their favorite sex abuser, who cancelled everything different the studios tried to do, got exposed: "Look over there!"

TheColbertinator48d ago

Exactly what we never asked for.

Godmars29047d ago

As apposed getting a sequel after they announced a sequel?

ApocalypseShadow48d ago

Lol. Totally unnecessary.

But if they did, base it on the first game and don't forget the epic roof top run. And, first game's music is a requirement. Not an option. I got the official, free, digital soundtrack somewhere on my computer. Still classic.

-Foxtrot48d ago

I never get why they don't remix or just add the original soundtrack for the adaptations.

Like Castlevania is great and all but you had a rearranged Bloody Tears for one scene and we've had no other classic since.

Surely it would be cheaper to go the games composer and say "Can you maybe do a remastered / expanded soundtrack for the film please". Half the work is already done for you.

Only film I've known to do this was Silent Hill.

ApocalypseShadow47d ago

You would think they would but nope.

Knightofelemia48d ago

How about releasing the game that was shown at E3 last year before a Netflix series

Sciurus_vulgaris48d ago

The announcement of the Beyond Good and Evil Netflix series is a big surprise. Especially when Beyond Good and Evil 2 has essentially become vapourware.

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