The Xbox no shows of E3 2021: the games that were MIA

Despite the dozens if not hundreds of games that were presented throughout E3, there were quite a few Xbox no shows. For all the exciting glimpses to be had at upcoming games, some prominent titles we were wondering about didn’t make it to the show. Here are some of the biggest games that would have been a welcome sight at E3, but took a rain check instead.

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eaze201339d ago

I am surprised no one is mentioning State of Decay 3

38d ago
TheColbertinator38d ago

Skipped my notice entirely. Killing zombies is good work

InUrFoxHole38d ago

Wow! Forgot about that game

Sciurus_vulgaris39d ago

The version of Beyond Good and Evil 2 that Ubisoft presented was not what fans wanted or expected. Beyond Good and Evil 2 came off as another big, bloated, open would Ubisoft game. I won’t be surprised it Beyond Good and Evil 2 has been scrapped and restarted or canceled outright.

sourOG39d ago

A taste of fable would have been the shit. I mean I get it, first impressions are everything and gamers judge harshly on pre-alpha footage but a glimpse for the rest of us that aren’t mentally challenged would have been fantastic. It would have been worth taking the days off.

Zeref39d ago

I would have liked a Hellblade 2 style behind the scenes video.

Lionhead actually used to do some kind of behind the scenes series before every Fable game.

sourOG39d ago

Yeah I really like dev blogs. It’s like media interviews without the dumb questions.

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lucian22939d ago

it's were really expecting games besides Fable,Gears,Forza and Halo at an E3? Xbox has no games, they haven't since the 360; that's why they have gamepass, to supplement the fact they have zero exclusives or new IPs

dcbronco38d ago

That's not a troll. That's...Lucian!

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Jericho133739d ago

Your pathetic outdated attempt at trolling even missed the point of the article. A fail comment if I ever saw one.

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DJStotty37d ago

"to supplement the fact they have zero exclusives or new IPs"


(drops mic and walks out)

lucian22937d ago

starfield still isn't out....and it won't be for a're still not playing anything new

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anast38d ago

Just about every game was a no show. I mean they did have some snowboarding gameplay...

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