Project Cars 3 Is A Great Racing Game For Beginners | Cultured Vultures

Though will purists love it? That's up in the air.

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masterfox1418d ago

hmm kinda disappointed still not surpassing Driveclub visual presentation after all this years, was expecting maybe some similarities cause the Director of PC3 is the one who direct the creation of Driveclub, PC3 just looks like another racing game :/

Driveclub runs at 30 fps even in the PRO but still managed to look way more visceral and real than most todays racers, yes even up to this day Driveclub looks gorgeous, really want to play this at a 60 fps, last time I was so eager to play a game in a higher performance was Uncharted series from the PS3, when I played Uncharted Remaster in the PS4 I was literally blown away instantly(played each one of them again in the PS4), super clean visuals and running at a 60 fps was and still is beautiful to see, I hope for some lucky reason see Driveclub again running in with the highest performance.

darthv721418d ago

It still amazes me how well DC holds up to other games released many years later. It truly was ahead of its time.

abstractel1418d ago

Agree, I also feel the same way about Infamous Second Son. Characters aren't as good as the top games this generation, but everything else still looks great. That special when he flies up in the air and dive bombs, loved that.

1886: The Order also still looks stunning and was also released early in the PS4 cycle.

Yi-Long1418d ago

Sony killed a great game when they removed Driveclub from their store and closed down the leaderboards. One of my favourite games this generation.

Einhander19711418d ago

The weather effects in Drive club still look amazing.

Abnor_Mal1418d ago

Wish we could have gotten an open world Driveclub for the PS5, driving to different locales and seeing the weather change in real time and day night cycles all in duct frames per second. Hell, since is a pipe dream let's make it a hundred and twenty frames instead.

Oh yea, Project Cars3 looks...


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