Cheat Code The Last Remnant Review

For all intents and purposes, The Last Remnant has the makings of a great RPG: the story is engaging and the battle system is tons of fun to play with. And, with a lot of extra missions and side quests, there certainly is a lot of replay potential to this title. However, it seems that all these great aspects are not enough to pull it past its glaring graphical issues. If this title had been left in development just a little longer, then it might have been one of the best RPGs of the current generation. But as it stands, The Last Remnant is a great RPG that is buried under broken graphics and long load times

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L Ronald Hubbard4242d ago

Broken graphics, and this game uses Unreal Engine am I right?


SL1M DADDY4242d ago

Rare was not the only developer that the gaming industry had left behind. Squenix is next on that long list of devs that forgot next gen was here and that gamers these days require more quality in their titles.

Saigon4242d ago

looks like level 5 will be crowned king if WKC does well...the expectation is there...lets see what the 25th of December does...

CrippleH4242d ago

This game is getting owned like crazy today.

The journalist aren't holding back just because it's from SE.

TheColbertinator4242d ago

Square Enix,how the mighty have fallen.