The Last Remnant will be delisted from Steam this September

PC Invasion looks at The Last Remnant, which first released in 2008 for the Xbox 360 and the following year for the PC. A decade later and it will no longer be available in either digital or physical format for PC players. The game will be delisted from Steam in early September -- so grab it while you still can.

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Kurisu152d ago

I remember *really* wanting this game, but I didn't have a 360 or PC. I was holding out for the PS3 version but then it got cancelled.

JJasonRodriguez151d ago

That’s unfortunate. Well, it hasn’t aged well and some of the mechanics can be wonky. Still, if you want to have it as part of your PC collection -now- there’s your last chance.

Kurisu150d ago

Don't worry, I'm over it now haha. Plus I don't have a PC.

Concertoine152d ago

I remember on the Famitsu most wanted list, up until like 2015 the fabled PS3 version of this game was still up there.

It's not even all that great of a game lol...

Father__Merrin152d ago

Wasn't a PS3 version released 8n Japan? Either way I also really wanted this on PS3 used to love every jrpg type of game back then

Concertoine152d ago

Nope. It was planned but cancelled. Evidently, it was very much wanted on the PS3 in Japan but it never came.

I wonder if the Xbone/X could remove some of the technical issues with the game.

Father__Merrin151d ago

A standard x1 can definitely iron it out. Tbh I do t see why it takes an x1x to run 360 games at higher FPS where as the normal x1 can do that and more.

Last remnant seems a game.e that may go back compatible. I try and pre empt back comp games I might pick this up. I've got it on steam but I prefer to play them in orig formats

JJasonRodriguez151d ago

Where were you when Remnand Lust is kill.

I was sat home with computer when Xbox call

“Remnand is die”


Tross152d ago

I hate when they don't even give a reason for why they're removing it. All the more reason to fear an all-digital future.

Shiken152d ago



Jarrodlamp1980151d ago

Like it or not people all digital all next generation. It's going to happen if you like it or not.

Shiken151d ago

You mean when many of us go retro?

JJasonRodriguez151d ago

Well, you’ll have to remember — even physical copies would be gone. So it’s not necessarily a “digital” problem in itself.

The good thing about that is if ever you already own it, it’s yours forever.
Unlike, say, old games with only physical copies — sure, they’ll also remain yours. Unfortunately, once your cartridge or CD gets damaged, that’s that. The end. Your only recourse is to buy from retro gaming shops where they might cost a lot more than before.

Nerdmaster152d ago (Edited 152d ago )

It had an interesting concept, but too many problems to be considered great. I couldn't even finish it, because in my quest to find materials to upgrade weapons (which is another problem of the game - finding those damn materials with enemies that may or not show up), I ended up "overleveling" my characters when comparing to my equipment and skills, and since enemies scaled with your level, they got too powerful and it became impossible for me to beat them. But for the price it is now, I think it's worth a try for those who never played it.

KaaF152d ago (Edited 152d ago )

There's a mod that fixed this reverse leveling crap, the game is so much better with it:

Who thought that leveling up weakens you was a good idea?

Nerdmaster151d ago

Cool. I searched for mods like this one when the game was released, but didn't find any. Now I may give it a second chance!

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