The Last Remnant; Truly A Lost Classic

The Last Remnant was one of the very few RPGs that Square Enix launched that was separate from the Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest franchises; when first released in 2008, that fact was enough to help garner some interest in the game. After all, Square Enix knew what it was doing when it came to turn based RPGs.

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Imortus_san1024d ago

Truly A Lost Classic, not a chance, game was bland as fuck, plus terrible face expressions.

CrimsonWing691024d ago

I liked it, but could not grasp the mechanics. I was reading if you grind for levels you actually make the game harder? Like, I'm not sure that's how it's supposed to work in these kinds of games, but yea aside from the mechanics I was getting into it.

lellkay1023d ago

Literally played it and thought it was completely bland and uninspired. The combat was utter garbage.

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